In With Hemp, Out With Tobacco

Hemp wraps are the hottest new smoking accessory of the year. Hemp wraps are a cleaner and tastier alternative to traditional tobacco blunt wraps that most of us have used before. Hemp wraps come in two main forms: flat wraps that you roll yourself and pre-rolled hemp cones made for stuffing, very much similar to blunt wraps. These types of wraps will make your smoking experience smooth, tasteful and tobacco-free!

Hemp Wraps vs. Blunt Wraps

The reasons hemp wraps are used and are gaining popularity is due to them being a “healthier” alternative to commonly used blunt wraps, or tobacco paper. Tobacco wraps contain nicotine and have been widely regarded as dangerous to use and addictive. The sale of flavored blunt wraps has been recently banned in California, and other states will probably move forward in a similar direction. Because of this, hemp wraps will continue becoming much more popular and widely available. Once you try them, it’s hard to go back!

Finding Your Favorite Hemp Wrap

Hemp wraps are noted as having a fresher flavor and burn, as well as leaving out the harsh taste and dryness that tobacco papers can leave. Because of this, hemp wraps can be found in many different types and flavors and you can find reviews for all hemp wraps to decide which is your favorite.

Because of how dense each hemp wrap flavor is, it’s sometimes difficult to choose a favorite out of all the options. If you’re the type that samples every type of ice cream before ordering your favorite, there are bundles that include every type of hemp wrap available such as the Deluxe Hemp Wrap Sampler. It also makes a great gift for your favorite blunt or hemp wrap smoker!

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