How to Use Vape Pen

Even if it seems simple, we often receive questions nearly daily from customers about how to turn on, use, and charge their vape pens. Fear not because turning on your vape pen is relatively simple. However, there are many factors you need to consider, especially if you’re having trouble.

This post will teach you important tips and tricks on how to use your vape pen. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a kind of e-cigarette device that functions as a power source. When it’s activated, the pen heats vape juice located in its tank to create vapor, which can be then be inhaled. Vape pens are often rechargeable battery-run devices that are slender, long, and stowed in a bag or pocket. Thus, why they are referred to as “pens.”

It was not until around 2010 that people first started noticing vape pens hit the market. However, since then, they have become the most common type of vaping device by par, outpacing the standard e-cigs.

You see, vape pens transformed the entire vaping industry by offering a more pleasant experience through stronger batteries that last longer, the capability to change and swap cartridges so easily, and more powerful output, which enhances vapor production and results in more intense flavors.

The anatomy of vape pens

Many vape pens like the Mighty vaporizer have the same parts. Others will differ a bit, and a few vape pens may have more features, but you will typically find the following:

  • Battery – It’s what powers the device and makes up the long stem.
  • Heating element – It’s what turns the vape juice into vapor.
  • Cartridge or tank – It’s where the vape juice is stored.
  • Charging port – Normally, a micro-USB port where a micro-USB charge connects.
  • Button – It was utilized to trigger the heating element and control other device components like vaping voltage or temperature.
  • Mouthpiece – It’s where you draw vapor from with your mouth.

How to use a vape pen?

One of the best things about vape pens is that they are relatively simple to use. Here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Before starting, make sure the device is charged and filled up with vape juice as per the pen’s instruction.
  • It’s likely your vape pen is button-activated. If yes, click that button a few times in fast succession to turn the device on. If you don’t see a button, it’s draw activated and works when you start using the device by slightly sucking in from the mouthpiece.
  • If it’s button-activated, ensure you only press the button when you’re ready to inhale. If you hold the button for too long and too soon, the vapor could become hot, and that can ruin your vape pen. Most pens will cut off after a pre-determined amount of time for the user’s safety and avoid damage to the device itself.
  • Place your mouth over the mouthpiece and hold the button down while drawing the vapor in. You can freely let go of the button, move your pen way out and exhale.

You see, using your vape pen is that simple, foolproof, almost.

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