How to Trim Your Cannabis Plant

You just planted your cannabis, and you are now happy that the cannabis has started to grow and thrive. However, you also need to realize that you need to take care of your plants for you to have an excellent and quality yield. Having a high yield will mean that you consequently have a significant income if you plant cannabis for commercial use. Also when trimming your cannabis, you need to ensure that it is well exposed to sunlight and by this, you will have to trim off the parts that block light from reaching some parts of the plant. Trimming will also mean that your cannabis has good airflow which is also quite essential for the cannabis to thrive. The primary aim of trimming your cannabis, therefore, is to reduce its bushy shape.

What to consider when trimming

When trimming your cannabis, you should, therefore, focus on doing the following

• Ensure to remove low-down branches that do not or receive very less light
• Remove leaves that are dying off due to lack of light
• Remove the bud stalks that are down near the plant’s main stalks

Tools You Will Need

For trimming your cannabis, you will need a number of tools and equipment. First, you need to have gloves as resin from cannabis can be challenging to remove. While you can use your hands to remove the badly placed branches and buds, you will also need a pair of scissors, chikamasas, and fiskars to make your work easier and the place you work in tidy. The chikamasas and the fiskars will be used for trimming or cutting the branches and leave. In addition, you will also need a bud trimmer just in case you will need to trim or get rid of some buds.

How to trim

When trimming your cannabis, you need to start with the larger branches first as they will make your work easier by giving you more space so that you can do more quality and diligent work. Therefore, you will check for the larger branches and those that are on the side that does not receive light. If it your first time trimming, it may be disheartening as you may feel that you are destroying the plant but it is always good to remember that trimming is for the best.

Secondly, you need to check if there are branches that are growing up in the middle of the plant and just below the canopy. If you notice such, then you need to remove them as chances of being strong and receiving sunlight is very limited. Since you are aiming to get the highest yields, then you need to make sure to remove anything that will prevent you from not attaining your goal.

When you are done with the branches that are in the middle, then you also need to consider the bud that is not on the side that receives sun. These buds are like not to become fully developed because of lack of sunlight as much as they might seem so strong.

Things to Note

If you have been trimming your cannabis, then you realize that almost immediately after trimming, there might be an outburst of growth and you may be confused and start thinking that you may have made a mistake. However, you need to realize that the outburst is because the plant has just recovered from the shock that hits it after being pruned and this is entirely normal. Also, you may need to trim your plant more than once in case you notice that it starts to get bushy and that some parts are not receiving enough sunlight.

The trimming process can be very intimate, and you do not have to feel like you are destroying the plant. In fact, you are helping the plant attain its highest potential. When you trim, the energy is only directed to the right directions. It would not be sensible for the plant to drive energy to certain parts of the plant that do not receive sunlight. All these energies can be used in other places within the plant.

Most important of all, trimming your pants, mostly when it is you that is doing it, gives you more time to not only watch your plants grow in your garden but also understand the basic requirement of your plant and you do not have to be worried in future when you are faced with such tasks as you will have observed the plant long enough.

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