How To Stand Out And Find A Job In The Cannabis Industry

Do you want to break into the marijuana industry?  Whether or not you are a patient holding a medical marijuana card, a recreational consumer or a non-user at all that wants to land a job in the cannabis industry, check out the following for some helpful tips.

Learn the industry

The relatively new but booming industry has paved the way for more opportunities, creating more jobs to those interested to become a part of it.   But just like in any other industry of which you want to become a part, you should learn as much as you can about it. First things first are doing your homework and researching as much as you could about the budding industry. For example, know and study different industry topics and trends before meeting an interviewer. Also, you should be gauged and updated with the different laws regarding marijuana marketing and advertising if you want to take part in the cannabis-advertising field.  Or else, you could get your cannabis company shut down for no specific rules and regulations even in states like Colorado.

Leverage your skills

Using your past is one of the keys to landing a job in this highly regulated industry. For this reason, you should also learn how to leverage your skills (and experience).

But then, know that employers are also looking for transferrable skills and experience.   They recognize that they won’t find many applicants with a degree related to cannabis, so they look for those that have related experience and skills that will prove valuable for their company.

Employers are looking for those with retailing skills, for instance.  For this reason, show your transferable skills, which can become an asset to the company.  [Remember, industry knowledge can be learned later].

What if you have little or no experience?

You can follow a functional resume format that focuses more on your strengths and skills rather than on your employment history.

After all, employers are also looking for driven candidates that are ready to prove themselves in a territory they know little about, too. By taking a chance, you can stand out in their eyes.

[To gain more insights and knowledge, you might also want to be certified, a great way to stand out among the crowd.  You can find training schools and institutes offering a certification program and obtain a certificate.]


Volunteering your time is also one of the best ways to show and put your skills, knowledge, and talent to great use, demonstrating potential colleagues and employers that you have the commitment and passion for cannabis.

Remember, it is not always about landing a job in the industry but more about adding value and showing passion for it.

You can also establish trust by volunteering, which is as good as giving your time to an advocacy group. Doing so, you can also get a step closer to your dream cannabis job even if you are yet to have your first experience working for and in this industry.

At the end of the day, a couple of hours spent on cannabis volunteering will leave a good impression to potential employers.

So the bottom line, you should not be shy to reach out to someone who is working towards a marijuana reform in your local community for a start.

Attend industry conferences

Meeting with industry people and experts can give you an advantage before and when applying for a cannabis job because they open doors that let you connect to professionals while also finding opportunities with which you can get involved. After all, there are many cannabis business operations looking for an outside talent, and newcomers are definitely welcome.For example, you can show your genuine passion and curiosity for cannabis by meeting the people behind those companies.You can also attend these cannabis events and conferences to listen to their stories and be more inspired aside from just connecting with them.Bottom line, attending conferences is one of the best ways to get active, be involved in the community, and show keen passion to contribute to the cannabis space. Also, think about this – becoming a part of the industry isn’t only about landing your dream job but also adding value to it.

Final Thoughts

So, are you ready to land a job in the marijuana industry?  Use the tips shared here today.

Prepare your application (resume, cover letter…), dress to kill and do well during the interview, and land your dream job in the dynamic and promising cannabis industry.

Again, learn as much as you can about the industry (laws, advertising rules, latest trends, and ways to obtain a medical marijuana card, and anything that has to do with the booming industry). Land your dream cannabis job today!

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