How to obtain therapeutic cannabis?

Lately, cannabinoids like CBD are everything and everywhere. The tremendous market growth is making it even more interesting. When we talk about the therapeutic properties of cannabis, it is impossible not to mention CBD, as one of the two main active ingredients of cannabis plants together with THC. Both these substances have benefits when used properly, but CBD is simply better. In fact, CBD does not just have a wide range of beneficial properties. In addition to that, CBD acts against negative properties of THC, being non-psychoactive in particular. It is also a fact that THC has other benefits, but the addictive effect makes it stay behind CBD.

But, what are the necessary steps we need to consider for the acquisition of therapeutic cannabis, or better say the therapeutic properties of CBD as the most beneficial ingredient obtained from cannabis plants?

Before starting to use CBD for any of your health issues and disorders you would want to know some important things first. Those would be:

  • the prescription process
  • your therapy
  • the procurement process
  • the right product and costs
  • proper percentage of CBD
  • and last but most important: your doctor’s advice

How do you get prescribed CBD?

Just like other medicines, CBD is prescribed by any doctor or even veterinarian if you aim to use it for your pets. CBD products come in many forms, CBD oils and CBD creams being the most common. Industrial hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and that makes it legal. That also makes hemp the perfect variety of cannabis to obtain CBD from. This means the doctor has the total freedom to prescribe therapeutic cannabis products such as CBD.

Is a prescription required for CBD?

Above we explained the right of your doctor to prescribe CBD products for you. But, in case you are interested in CBD products that do not contain THC, no prescription from your doctor is needed to purchase such products. This is because without THC there is no risk of addiction or any side effect. All you need to do is keep track of the percentage of CBD you use per day. Start with a small percentage CBD-containing product, and increase until you reach the benefits you are aiming for.

What should I look for in a CBD product?

It is a fact that when we pay from our own pocket, the first question that comes to our mind is the cost of the product. The numerous products in the market will give you a clear view of the prices. CBD products are not cheap, but considering the therapeutic potential is not expensive either. But, as mentioned above, except for the price you need to check the amount of CBD in the product. We say that because you would not want to start using high-CBD percentage products at the start of your therapy. Instead, after taking the doctor’s advice, start with a small dosage, and keep track of it. After reaching the perfect dosage, stick to it, until you no longer need CBD.

In conclusion, even though we mentioned it in more than one case, the doctor’s advice is the key to getting to benefit from therapeutic cannabis. A lot of studies and scientific research has spread light to these therapeutic properties, but whatever details we give, the direct advice from the experts of the field are far more convincing. Another thing that is obvious is reachability. In fact, you can take no-THC CBD products everywhere, starting from pharmacies, shopping centers, cannabis stores, online, etc. The CBD market is very large, and it is expected to be a multi-billion dollar market in the coming years. The results of using it were the main accelerator of this growth.

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