How To Maintain A Metal Marijuana Grinders

      Marijuana grinders are very useful in crushing marijuana into small, fine bits. Choosing the best grinders can be very difficult though. These devices are particularly helpful for people who like to dry their own herbs, roll their own cigars or cigarettes and make herbal tinctures. When you use a grinder constantly, waste materials from the weeds are gathered on the surface and can make the instrument work in a less efficient manner. It is important to maintain your grinder in a proper manner, so that it lasts and can function at its optimum. When it becomes dirty, you can clean it using the following steps:

Strip the grinder

Take out all the components of the grinder and strip it to its isolated parts. Keep the isolated components in an empty drawer shelf, so that none of the small pieces get lost.

Scrape the grinder

Use a guitar pick or a similar type of instrument in order to scrape the grinder. This will remove any residual herb particles.

Dust off the parts

Dust off the grinder components. Other than using your mouth to blow on them, you can use a clean cloth and rub each of the parts nicely in order to get rid of the weed dust.

Fill a container with rubbing alcohol

Pour 90% isopropyl alcohol, or more, into an airtight glass container and fill it. Put the components of the grinder into the container filled with alcohol. Put the lid back on, and shut the container.

Soak the grinder components in alcohol

Soak the components of the grinder in alcohol for around 10 minutes. This will help clean the parts inside out. Shake the airtight container a little. This will loosen and make any weed matter come off the grinder easily. You can add table salt or Epsom salt to the alcohol. This would agitate the alcohol and make any sticky weed material come off easily from the soaked parts, which would not have been possible otherwise.

Scrub the parts and mesh screen to remove residues

Take the grinder out of the container. Dip a q-tip into the same alcohol you used for soaking the grinder components, and use it to scrub away any obstinate weed material from the surface of each of the parts. Use a tooth brush to scrub the metal mesh screen of the instrument which collects the pollen matter, and remove all leftover materials from it. Scrub the screen with care, as you will end up damaging the grinder otherwise and make it lose its fine filtering ability.

Rinse the grinder components

Use plain water to wash and rinse the varied parts of the grinder. Allow all the components some time to get dried. Once the components get dry, you can use a clean cloth to rub them again.

Reassemble your grinder

Check whether there are any residues still left. Once you are sure, assemble the parts again to get your grinder back to its working state. You will then find your grinders performance will improve.

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