How to Eliminate the Smoke Smell

      Almost every one of us has been in a situation where we need to keep the smell of our smoking under wraps, myself included. Whether it’s your parents, the landlord, or the neighbors, we all know how hard it is to evade a curious nose. So if solutions are what you need, I’ve got them. Today I’ll introduce you to the Smoke Buddy, as well as three other methods to make your smoking as stealthy as possible.

Use a Smokebuddy to Filter the Smoke

      One viable option for removing the smell when smoking is the Smoke Buddy. Similar to a sploof, the Smoke Buddy is used by exhaling through the device. Essentially, it is a small portable air filter. As long as your lips make a good seal with the end being exhaled through, your session will be very close to smell-free. This is a product that can be used indoors without worry. Check out an in-depth smokebuddy review. They can be ordered on Amazon for $12.

Smoke Outside

      The Smoke Buddy will eliminate the smoke smell from hits exhaled through it, but will not be of assistance when dealing with the smell from a cherried bowl. If you are in a situation where such a small amount of smoke may cause an issue, you may want to consider smoking outside. This may not be practical in all types of weather and during certain seasons, but it is the most effective way of remaining undetected. Of course, you could still be caught in the act, but should you smoke undisturbed, any lingering smell will dissipate quickly, minimizing the chance of you getting caught. If it’s raining, too cold, or you just don’t feel like going outside, damnit, I still have two more options for you to consider.

Use a Vaporizer  

      A quality vaporizer will not produce any smoke. The vapor that you will get will be cleaner, less visibly noticeable, and most importantly, it will smell drastically less than smoke would. Most vapes require a power source, which could limit the number of the places you have to choose from. However, the smell is not nearly as much of a problem. Any smell that may come from the vaporizer can be overcome with simple measures, such as a candle, spritz of air freshener, or, time permitting, an open window.

Smoke Concentrates Instead

      Should none of the above choices work for you, concentrates may be your answer. While smoking concentrates smell, the key sticking point is that they don’t exactly smell like weed. Someone who has experience with them will recognize the smell of a dab, but someone who is only familiar with flowers may not make the connection. Furthermore, lesser concentrates are consumed in a session than flower, so there will be less smoke to create a smell at all.

      When smoking in an environment that requires stealth, consider using one of these techniques. If you have doubts about whether any one of these will be effective enough, take the safe route and simply step outside. No matter what you do to keep the smell down, remember to be quiet and do your best to stay hidden, as a fresh smelling room won’t help you if you’re caught with the smoking gun (or should I say bong?).

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