How To Detox From Marijuana For Drug Test

      The level of THC traces in the body depends on individual’s health and potency of the pot smoked. For heavy marijuana users, it may take weeks or months to flush out THC from the body system and this can be disappointing news if drug tests are announced to take place within a few days.

      As much as home remedies such as exercising, healthy diet, and drinking fluids help get marijuana out of the body very slow, other options such as the use of detox drinks do this much faster and usually used in order to pass the drug test.

      THC is stored in the fat cells, and the time required to remove it depends on the type of product selected. To pass the test, detoxifiers normally catalyze the process of urine cleansing, while adding vitamins and minerals to it in order to save its color and composition.

Let’s see detox plans for different terms:

Detoxing Within 24 Hours

      This method is for those who need to pass drug test next day. You can buy fast marijuana detox drink in the online store, that can deliver it overnight. In the morning, you just have to drink it and urinate few times. Such products are very effective in cleansing the bladder and urinary tract from THC metabolites. If you will follow directions properly, you will pass your test for sure.

      Occasional marijuana smokers are likely to have low levels of THC metabolites in their bodies and detox themselves fast and easy. If you are looking for a product to clean THC within a day, you can use the internet to understand how different detoxifiers work and how long a specific product takes to flush out THC.

Detoxing Within A Week

      If drug test will take place in a week, 7-day detox kit is recommended. Its cleansing solutions enhance body’s natural detoxification ability, and THC toxins are removed from the body system within a week or even less. The products are made up of herbal ingredients and work best when utilized together with a healthy detox diet.

      Grains and legumes offer a diet rich in fiber that provides healthy cleansing. After the plan is complete, you can test yourself at home to see whether the THC traces were totally eliminated or not. This will help you make a proper decision about whether to take another detox program or not, in order to ensure you will pass the test.

Detoxing Within 30 Days

      This period is enough for detoxing through natural ways as long as you have a healthy body. Instead of going for detox products, natural methods such as healthy diet and regular exercising can be suitable.

      During the detoxing process, it is advisable to stay honest with yourself. To have a successful detox program, you must cease using marijuana until you finish up the program and pass the test.

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