How to Create Marijuana Growing Box

In this article, I will shortly demonstrate how to make germinate and clone box for weed. Three separate levels need to have three separate climates. The first level is mostly used for germinating the plants, the second one is exclusively for grow the seedlings and the third one should be used for vegetating and grow of mother plants. To ensure great yields, the lightning is one of the most important elements in the whole growing process. The growing box consists of the led lights, thermal and hydrometers, and an exhaust fans. Any type of Mylar foil is great for reflecting more lights back on the plants.

Growing marijuana indoors is relatively easy with the proper setup. The size of the growing box greatly depends on the space available indoor. It’s recommended to place the box close to the window and run a ventilation house out of the box. If the growing process has to be out of the sight of strangers, the best choice is to get a growing closet. Actually, any closet will do for making germinating seeds and clones. The closet has to be in a secure location. You can also buy a ready-made box online rather than making your own.

Lightning of the growing box is one of the most important factors to make it or break it. Electric bills can spike through the roof if the light is inadequate and you wasting the energy. Incandescent bulbs produce more heat than best LED grow lights and that’s why they aren’t recommended by any professional grower. A small distance should be maintained between the lamp and the plant to make sure the plant gets enough light for the process of growing.

Marijuana has a pungent smell and you will need to install the earlier mentioned exhaust to eliminate the hot air from the grow box. A fresh supply of oxygen and CO2 from outside is also important in maintaining the proper growing environment. Installing a filter inside the exhaust will help reduce the marijuana smell but can increase the heat in the box. A little trick, a hole should be made on the top of the closet to release the heat from the box.

Reflective foil on the walls of the growing box will make sure no light gets wasted and the energy goes into the growing process of the plants. You should also consider spraying water on the foils to reduce the humidity. Mylar foil is a great choice for this purpose. The light stays inside the box and the plant gets light exposure from all sides not only from the top.

And that’s it your box is set and ready for growing. Get a proper soil and seeds and let’s get started. Watering the plants is a very important aspect of growing but that’s for another article. Happy growing!

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