How to Compare Prices on the Cannabis Market

Do you know enough about the cannabis prices and the amount you can purchase at one time? Fortunately, this guide will help you make good purchases when you visit your cannabis dispensary.

As the legalization of cannabis has spread across the region, consumers have been seeking out all types of cannabis products for both recreational and medical uses.

The demand for cannabis in the market is consistent across the board. However, do you know what is not consistent? The PRICE.

You won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach to cannabis pricing. Yet, you will find a few factors, which come into play when comparing the prices of various cannabis products.

  1. Product Type

You will find a wide array of cannabis products on the market today, and numerous products are priced differently.

The flower is priced harshly on quality or demand. The properties of the flowers play a big part in the pricing when it comes to extracts. It has a hefty emphasis on the cannabinoid and terpene testing results. Demand will massively command retail and wholesale pricing after that particular way of extraction’s yield.

  • Quality

Not every cannabis is made the same. With that in mind, not every cannabis product is going to be priced similarly. Simply put, the greater the quality, the greater the cost.

Every plant and every batch of cannabis could turn out differently. Hence, sellers go through a grading stage of every batch after everything is dried out and cured. That grading process will identify the wholesale cost for the batch.

  • Growing Method

The method the cannabis is cultivated could also play a vital factor in how the final product is priced in the market. Take note that the overall pricing for flowers will be categorized by the growing method.

Cannabis cultivated outdoor is considered the cheapest, while the ones cultivated indoor are the most expensive. On the other hand, greenhouse-grown cannabis is priced in between.

Prices could also differ throughout the year for cannabis that is cultivated outdoors, especially throughout the harvest period. Greenhouse and indoor flowers could be harvested all year round. Hence, the pricing for these is stable.

The outdoor flowers are harvested once every year, which reduces the prices around the harvest period.

  • Location

The last factor you need to consider when comparing prices of cannabis is the location. You need to take into consideration where the cannabis is grown, manufactured, and sold.

Take note that the regulatory guideline in any state will decide the price and the market. Each state has its corresponding set of regulations and laws. All of that affects the way cannabis is grown, produced, and sold, which influences how cannabis products are priced in the market.

The cannabis pricing from state-to-state could differ massively. Taxes could also increase prices for cannabis suppliers, driving up both retail and wholesale prices.

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