Highs And Lows of Vaporizers: Why You Should Care

Vaporizers are devices which are used in vaporizing different cannabis products. These devices have immensely gained popularity because of their numerous health benefits. For instance, steam vaporizers are useful in getting rid of fever, cough, flu, and sinusitis. Increasing moisture and humidity in the lungs is an effective way of losing congestion in the lungs. Most vapes are well designed to accommodate either concentrates or flowers. Ideally, the type of the vaporizer chosen should suit one’s preferences.


Smokers can improve their vaping experience by choosing the best kits in the market. Most of them have switched to vaporizers for dry herbs and flowers. These vaporizers are known for offering a purer and cleaner way of vaping concentrates and waxes. In fact, this is the best way of satisfying one’s cravings. Some of these devices need be plugged into recharge or use. With these devices, nicotine is delivered in aerosol form. This has, in turn, reduced other harmful chemicals and smoke. In addition to this, vaporizers are known for producing more powerful vapor.

Main Categories of Vaporizers

There are different types of vaporizers in the market today of all colors and sizes. They include portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, and vaporizer pens. The latter is a unique type of the portable vaporizers.

Portable vaporizers

They are also referred to as handheld vaporizers. They are portable devices just as their name sounds. They are a bit smaller in size as compared to the other vaping devices, but they are highly discreet. They are designed with an internal lithium-ion battery. This means that users don’t need power-outlets to operate portable kits.

Desktop vaporizers

They are also known as table-top vaporizers. Users can enjoy these devices right from the comfort of their homes. These are highly efficient devices which are capable of producing the purest vapor. In addition to this, these kits come with useful features that allow users to adjust temperatures (they are useful in controlling the vaporization process). They must be plugged into power sources for them to operate.

How Do Vaporizers Work?

These kits work by heating medical cannabis to about 350-400 degrees. Such temperatures cannot vaporize the active compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. However, this temperate is relatively cool to combust your plant material. Patients who inhale vaporized products cannot be affected by toxins and other products which are caused by combustion.


Origin of Vaporizers

People have been using these devices since the 1960s.The early sets of vaporizers were the tabletop models. They were not pocketable. The modern devices were invented by a Chinese pharmacist known as Han Lik. In fact, he has been credited as the inventor of modern vaporizers. He found an inspiration after his father succumbed to cancer.

Modern Vaporizers

The modern kits are simple to use and very portable. They are made of brushed metals which give them a fashionable looking. Additionally, they have some coils which are helpful in hating and vaporizing the e-juice. They come with an efficient system that vaporizes the cannabinoids. These are the active ingredients that make one feel high. These devices are designed to work efficiently with both concentrated extracts and flowers.

Can vaporizers be Used To Vaporize Different Types Cannabis?These devices can be used with different types of cannabis, but you are advised to choose a unit that works with your favorite type of marijuana. Some people have a preference for flowers, oils and others waxes.


The average prices of these units range from 50-300 USD.

Smokers can optimize the performance of vaporizers by choosing the best model or brand. The use of vaporizers can help you in keeping your respiratory system moist. This is an effective way of driving away bacteria, diseases causing against and germs. It is therefore imperative to know how the different products work. In general, the use of vaporizer will make you feel high and better.

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