Hidden Features Of The Arizer Argo Vaporizer

There is always the danger with compact vaporizers that, somewhere along the way, something has been sacrificed in the name of size and convenience. On the bright side, the Arizer ArGo Vaporizer does not fall into this trap.

Arizer, a Canadian company already known for vaporizers like the Air and Solo, recently released a compact vaporizer called the ArGo. The ArGo is a top-notch device, with a sleek, comfortable design for dry herb. It is complete with a swappable battery, as well as 90 minutes of reliable vape time (we estimate this to be around 8 or 9 full bowls). In

addition, there is a passthrough charger that allows you to recharge the device after just 15-20 minutes. In this way, the ArGo proves itself as a reliable and convenient option—but does it deliver across the board?

The ArGo-is also complete with an OLED-display interface, which monitors key information, such as temperature control, notification settings, and battery life. The three-button control is simple to navigate.

Meanwhile, the mouthpieces are made of fine borosilicate glass materials, which mean that the flavor palette of the herb is not affected when exposed to heat. As VapeActive.com – Arizer Argo Review writes, these glass elements are of such high caliber that they are often used in modern laboratories (the high-quality glass parts also mean that there are slower heat-up times for the Arizer ArGo, as it takes about 60 to 90 seconds to warm up, perhaps one of the main downsides of this device). In addition, the plastic parts that compose the rest of the device are also high-quality and of food and medical grade. Part by part, this compact vaporizer is made of

top-grade, dependable materials.

Loading the ArGo is a simple task, as the material can be tamped down into the glass stem, leaving just a small gap of about 1 mm at the bottom. The device is also easy to clean, as you simply have to take out any leftover bud from the glass tubes. Now and then, the borosilicate glass tubes should also be soaked for best results. Not only is

the ArGo easy to care for, however; its compact size also makes it the perfect

device for anyone on the go, who cannot manage detailed and time-consuming

vaporizer maintenance tasks.

And onto, perhaps, the most important part of all: the quality of the vapor. The ArGo is built with a wide, open airflow that results in a relaxed draw. The high-quality materials that make up the device also result in a delicate and tasty vapor. Plus, the interface

settings allow for control over the flavor components. All of these nifty features generate impressively high-quality vapor. For its size, the Arizer ArGo provides a delicious vapor for a comfortable overall experience.

The Arizer ArGo vapor delivers on these key points: flavor, convenience, customizability through interface settings, and reliable battery life. At $270 the Arizer ArGo might not be the cheapest option on the market, but its two-year warranty and impressive features might just be worth it. All in all, this little machine packs a big punch.


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