Here’s How Marijuana Can Lead to Healthier Brain

We live in a time where people are overwhelmed with choice. It seems like everything is at our grasp and the only thing we need to do is just making a decision.

Sounds simple right?

Almost every segment of our lives is marked with an X, Y or Z with a little sugar coating. We are constantly bombed with various products ranging from food, clothes, mobile phones, cars, and of course vices.

Seems like marketing people have found a workaround for almost any taboo that has been posting the society for the past 50 years. Some good, some bad, but there are still some taboos which general public turns their head away from in disgust.

One of those ‘’disgusting’’ things is marijuana. Whether you want to use marijuana recreationally or as a medicine of choice for various medical conditions, it is still looked down on with a lot of prejudice, fear, and even hatred.


Well, that is a topic for another discussion, but right now, what we will discuss now is marijuana and can it lead to a healthier brain?

Brain growth

It has been commonly mistaken that cannabis has a bad effect on your health, especially in your brain. People were being intimidated by false information that marijuana kills brain cells and that longer exposure to it might lead to serious problems such as memory loss and ability to think critically. There’s also the myth that somehow marijuana is a gateway drug to much more serious and heavier drugs. While this might be true, everything in this world can be a gateway drug to anything.

The brain is an organ which grows and regenerates constantly throughout life. This process is called neurogenesis. An Italian study has shown that a chemical found in marijuana called cannabichromene (CBC) actually speeds up the process of neurogenesis directly affecting the overall health of brain cells.

Also, the Hippocampus region of the brain, where memory is stored can also be similarly helped with Cannabidiol. So not only is the growth boosted with the use of cannabis, but also those new cells are made stronger which in turn helps the brain resist diseases like Alzheimer’s, depression, and different other problems that might occur later in life.

So basically marijuana can be used to prevent certain conditions rather than cure symptoms when it’s already too late.

Fight the stress

Stress is probably the most widespread and common problems each and every one of us has to struggle with on a daily basis. It has become so common that we accept it as a just a standard side effect of our every day, routine-driven lives.

There is a way you can train yourself to react in the best and healthiest way possible for any given situation life throws at you but many people just resort to Pharmaceutical companies’ solution founded on plethora of products to help numb you down, basically turning you into a zombie, immune to any sort of outside emotional input, not to mention the long-term bad effect on your health.

And why blame them? They just want a fast and strong solution.

Cannabis is the perfect alternative to any mainstream, expensive, unhealthy chemicals. It helps you truly relax, both mentally and physically, it also helps you concentrate and in a very calm and rational way deal with issues, you are currently struggling with. It’s quite staggering how many pills and chemicals you’d be able to replace with this one plant and its products and not to mention the amount of money you’d save.

Marijuana is like a daily recharge after a long and tiring day at work with basically zero consequences. On the contrary, it helps in neurogenesis, and it is also good for short-term memory and learning ability. Even if you are perfectly healthy there is absolutely no reason not to consume it.

Brain ages slower

As mentioned above, numerous studies have shown that cannabis helps prevent memory loss and helps with other cognitive activities. Experts also state that it might even be doable to reverse aging of the brain.

It is believed that cannabis not only helps get rid of dead cells, but it also stimulates the production of new ones, making them even stronger. A long-term use will only have a positive influence on your brain cells. However, you should always consider talking to a doctor before deciding to put yourself through such a treatment.

Fight brain tumors

Probably one of the greatest benefits of cannabis is its success in the battle against brain cancer. Knowing that there is help for one of the most dangerous and deadliest diseases out there sure is a relief.

It has been recently discovered in Spain that THC actually helps fight cancer cells. There’s been a research done on mice infected by the human tumor which has shown a significant reduction in tumor size after regularly administrating a dose of THC into the mice.

Science does not currently have all the answers on how and why cannabis has an overall positive effect on human body, but it has been proven in practice that it helps treat many conditions for which mainstream pharmaceutic either don’t have a medicine for or it’s maybe too expensive or has strong side effects. Marijuana is purely natural and healthy recreational drug and a medicine, any stories about negative side effects you’ve maybe heard are rather close to a myth than reality.

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