Guide on Choosing the Right E-Liquid Solution for You

Vaping can be interesting especially if one has learned the basics. In an event where we are slowly embracing the cultures, numerous questions have been asked on e-liquid solutions for vapers. Despite the fact that we are from different backgrounds, there is one thing in common that all vapers have. We might be into vaping for different reasons; but at the end of the day, we all consume the e-liquid. In the process where we are vaping, most vapers persistently rack their brains about which flavor or product line can work for them. On detecting a favorite taste, chances are that vapers might want to stick to it. The e-juice flavors are in variety out there and making the right choice can be quite intimidating. From various factors to consider such as the nicotine content and the PG/VG content, you might just end up doing the wrong selection if you are not careful. You might be a beginner or an experienced vaper but with these few guides, you can choose the right e-liquid for your vape.

1. Consider the Brand

When starting out, many people go for cheap liquids. This is because; most of these people usually have less idea on what to look for on these substances. More so, it is probably what they could afford at the moment. However, it is never recommendable to do so, instead, one should look for premium liquids and most probably, the rankings of the brand. Despite the fact that you want to save money, you might be risking your health since the   may contain harmful substances.

2. Choose Ones with Tolerable Nicotine

This can be one of the most difficult decisions to make when choosing an e-liquid. It is a very tricky situation where all vapers, regardless of experience, usually fail to make. Nicotine is a very addictive substance; hence, consuming it carelessly can only lead to many complications. As a vaper, one should, therefore, know the safe level of nicotine that they require before purchasing the e-liquid. A heavy smoker who is turning to vaping can go for a higher milligram of nicotine to avoid symptom withdrawal. However, a fresh beginner should consider taking e-liquids with as low as 8 mg per milligram to avoid addictions.

3. Consider the PG/VG Ratios

An e-liquid contains the propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). They are both included in different levels and provide similar functions on consumption. In most cases, they are associated with cloud production and throat hit. However, VG in an e-liquid causes a muted taste while the PG can cause harshness if in large quantity. The combination of both the PG and VG is what mostly determines the optimal flavor in vaping. A person’s preference in their level of the combination is what will then determine the best ratio.

4. Be Adventurous About Ratio

It is never a good idea to stick to one flavor, instead; one should consider trying different brands and flavors at any time you purchase one. You can also be adventurous and try to mix different e-liquids for more interesting tastes. However, you should consider washing your coils after every mixing to avoid confusion the next time when you want to vape on one flavor.

The best way to choose an e-liquid is by selecting the ones that you are familiar with. Moreover, if you can choose what you would like, the better. There are numerous types of tank and e-liquid type that give great results when fixed together. They are able to optimize the capabilities of the hardware, maximizing the flavor, hence, bringing the enjoyment of vaping to a whole new level. Therefore, when choosing the e-liquid, always put in mind what you prefer and the qualities.

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