Growing Medical Marijuana Year Round Using Hydroponics Systems

The medicinal advantages and benefits of marijuana were always evident, but the often misuse of it compelled the concerned authorities to supervise and monitor its consumption closely. Soon, the use and consumption, coupled with its sale and distribution, were tapped; thereby making it a criminal and fine imposing offense. However, the recent years of millennium witnessed a spark change in this situation, and no sooner than later, authorities recognized that owing to the growing medicinal benefits of marijuana; it should be made available in dispensaries.

The state of Nevada, particularly Las Vegas is the first one to become home to marijuana dispensaries. Thus, now, patients with assigned medical cards can buy marijuana in limited quantity, as is required by them for medical purposes. This is indeed a commendable change

      While the situation is much relaxed now, certain individuals still suffer. This is so because these ailing individuals are still unable to wholly benefit from this “new change”. Therefore, many have recommended that marijuana be allowed to be grown hydroponically for medical purposes.
      The proposition is indeed one that can be given a shot. Why? Because of the numerous hidden advantages that it may bring along. Let’s look at a few of these to fully appreciate why medical marijuana hydroponic growing should be made legal.
      While marijuana dispensaries have opened gates for safe and reliable marijuana buying, the idea still may not compel ailing patients to buy their medicine dose from here. Why? Because it is an admitted fact that these dispensaries are indeed expensive. And for patients even with health cards, it is not a feasible long-term option. Therefore, one option is to offer legalized medical marijuana to be grown individually by way of a license or a similar medical card. In essence, this concept is more affordable and easily achievable.
Reach the Patients
      Whereas dispensaries for marijuana are open in certain areas, patients have to make the tedious and strenuous journey to these designated areas to make a purchase of their medical marijuana dose. Studies have revealed that, in spite of these dispensaries operating in nearby areas, patients still refrain from making the effort. Thus, a viable solution is to allow and legalize medical marijuana farming and growth, essential to cater to these immobile and poor patients who can then avail their dose from their own personal stock.
Supervision via Licenses
      The main argument as to supervising personal stocks of marijuana is that it lacks basic checks and balances. However, as is operating with dispensaries, the concerned authorities can easily and more conveniently supervise and monitor individual activities through the license tracking. Therefore, this may be considered an advantage of legalizing medical marijuana hydroponic growing as it will also be equally supervised and maintained as our dispensaries as well.
Immediate Need
      It is a known fact that countless patients who are dependent on marijuana for medical purposes require their respective dose immediately, or at least within a given time frame. In this regard, a corollary conclusion of such a situation is that when a patient requires marijuana, he will most probably not take the trouble of travelling to a dispensary. As a result, medical marijuana growing will come to his aid in such times of needs. If he is growing marijuana personally, he will have access immediately and will be able to take in his required dose, within time, in order to avoid an unfortunate event!
      While medical marijuana growing proves to be highly beneficial, it may be noted that there is a range of counter arguments presented in return which cancel off the good effects. For one, such growing of marijuana demonstrates unprecedented personal ‘farming’ which may go undetected at all. The onus will indeed fall on the concerned authorities who may not be able to bring everyone and anyone under the scope of the law in case of wavering away from their due license.
      Yet, movements upholding medical marijuana growing have reached the authorities. Once, when marijuana dispensaries seemed almost impossible, now they are fully operating in many areas, with regulation and rules in place. Similarly, the moves for legalizing such recreational marijuana farming are also famous as they place medical reforms at the heart of their debate.
      These calls for change are not going unnoticed. In the years to come, the concerned authorities will inevitably turn to pay attention to legalizing such growing of marijuana personally. In 2016, it is expected that voters will move to legalizing other marijuana related leverages and it is hoped that this medical hydroponic growing of marijuana will also be approved. That, however, remains to be seen whether the proposal will be upheld or rejected.
      Keeping in view the benefits associated with this hydroponic marijuana cultivation, the chances are hopeful. Medical organizations and forums have given due credit to marijuana as it has drastically altered the medical status and condition of many hard-core patients. Thus, the concept of medical marijuana hydroponic growing appears as a ray of hope and cure for all those patients who turn to marijuana in such a need.

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