Growing Good Marijuana is an Art

      Growing good marijuana will depend on a number of things – the soil pH, the light, the strain of plants, the water, and your skill and alertness. Assuming you are growing outdoors, you must have a place that gets 8 to 14 hours of sunshine in late May. 

  1. The soil should test out at 6.5 to 7.0,
  2. the strain of marijuana you use should be intended for outdoor use,
  3. if the water supply is chlorinated you will need to let it stand in a tub overnight so the chlorine will evaporate before using it on your plants.

You will need to pay attention to every detail, as your garden grows. Cultivate the tested soil a couple of weeks before you intend to start your garden.  Water it twice to see how well it drains – good drainage is necessary.  After the first watering, you should add a can of fishing worms to the soil.  If worms do well in the soil, so will your plants.

Just before planting – turn the soil a second time and rake out any rough matter like rocks or dead grass that was plowed less than two weeks earlier.  Check to see that the worms are doing alright and then water the garden again. Soak the seeds overnight. Plant them 3/8 inch deep and 3 feet apart in both directions. For growing good marijuana, plant your guaranteed feminized seed directly into your garden. Water them with a very light sprayer, a spray bottle if you don’t have a hose end sprayer with fresh un-chlorinated water.

These little seeds must not be watered with any heavy force for a long time because they are very fragile. Well, water or water from a creek is an advantage over chlorinated city water. The seeds will germinate in 4 to 8 days depending on their strain.  Keep them wet by misting them with a spray bottle, using distilled water, several times each day. 

After the third set of leaves are visible, the root systems should be established enough to use a watering can – but if you see the water force is still too much for these tiny plants, go back to the spray bottle until the roots are better established. After the roots are strong and well rooted, you should not over water your plants.  They like to get thirsty before getting a drink now that they are not tiny babies anymore. 

Now you should not water more than every other day, but water them deeply when you do.  When you water these plants from now on you must take care to keep all the water on the ground and not let any get up on the plants.

If you are going to prune the tops for heavy buds – do it when the plants are young.

As your plants grow taller and bush out you will know they are in the intermediate grow stage.  In 4 to 6 weeks they will be as tall as they need to be. By the end of August, it will be time to start thinking about the last stage of your plants life, the flowering stage.


Growing good marijuana depends on longer nights and shorter days.  That is the trigger that plants relies on to know when to start getting ready to reproduce. If you can see the days getting shorter you may not have to do anything but leave your plants in the good hands of nature, but if your plants have already been growing long enough, you may want to force them into flowering.

The largest size black plastic leaf bags, made out of a heavier plastic than a garbage bag, and quite a lot bigger, is big enough to cover a fairly big plant. About dark, slip a bag over each plant and in the morning about 9 AM takes the bags off. 

Do this every day but increase the time by 5 minutes each morning before taking the bags off – keep this up until it forces the plants into flower.  It will take about 10 days to 2 weeks. Don’t stop this process too soon because it could reverse the process and you could ruin your flowers.

Growing good marijuana also depends on a lot of good care – watering properly and paying attention to not let the wind, rain, insects, animals, people, or police vandalize your pot patch. When growing good marijuana, don’t be overconfident that the police will not raid your garden – the Federal authorities can still enforce their laws even while you have a valid marijuana medical card.


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