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Choosing the perfect grinder can carry varying levels of importance depending on what kind of smoker you happen to be. From making edibles to finding the right consistency for vaping, the texture of your dried herbal mixture is key.

If you are trying to get a hit in during lunch break, chances are you are using a handheld pipe or one hitter. If this is the case and time are under restraint, then you probably don’t have an extra minute to go through a grinding routine. Throwing a small nugget into your bowl works for three to four drags, then your product is usually cashed. When hot air and flame can move through a substance quicker, it can be cooked more thoroughly so to speak.

When using a bong or water pipe in the comfort of a private residence, getting a density that isn’t too fine or too course is preferred.

When making a shake for edibles, you usually want a super fine grind. When making laced treats, the key is to not have too much of a smoky aftertaste on the palate.

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DIY Grindage

  1. There are more than a few ways to get your grind on. Purchasing a quality grinder tool is probably the easiest and most level way to cut your smoke product. There are many DIY methods as well.
  2. Use your fingers. An extremely easy way to break up your bowl candy is to simply rip it apart with your digits. Not the cleanest method, you strip your stuff of trichomes due to the natural oils all over your grubby little mitts.
  3. Grab a standard prescription bottle and a clean dime. Insert your coin and dried herb mix in the bottle. Pop the top back on. Now shake that money maker. The bottle’s walls and the metal coinage will break your product up as you shake.
  4. Round up a shot glass and a pair of sharp scissors. Place your nugget at the bottom of the shot glass. Use those scissors to attack the nug with vigor. At the end of your slicing and dicing process, you should have a finely ground substance to smoke.

Grinder History

The mortar and pestle are probably the earliest examples of a grinding tool for herbs, medicine, or a combo of the two. The modern day grinder as we know it now first surfaced around the early 1900s in the middle west of the USA. A gentleman working at a ball bearing company put in a patent in 1905 for an herbal spice grinder and variations on this twist have been created ever since.

Grinder Profile

Grinders can be made of various materials, natural or not. Wood with metal teeth, plastic cheapies, or metal and titanium models are all over the marketplace.

  • Plastic grinders are at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, as they aren’t as durable or long lasting as their tougher counterparts. In a pinch, one of these usually brightly colored beauties will do the trick.
  • Wooden grinders are aesthetically pleasing and naturally engaging. These models sometimes have sharp metal spike teeth, similar to nails, inside of them.
  • Metal or titanium grinders are the toughest of the lot. In a world of teeth breaking or herbal mixtures not coming out exactly how you want them, these gems will get the toughest job done.

Thorinder Grinder

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Which Grinder Is Best For You?

1.Two Piece Grinders

These are some of the most basic pieces you can buy. A top and bottom fit together and grind your herb. With a few twists of your wrist, you can tap your mix out and enjoy.

2. Three to Four Piece Grinders:

These are a wee bit fancier than the original two-part models, with different compartments for kief catching and storage. As you shred your spices or herb mix, the substance is filtered through 3-4 levels and caught at the bottom. One removable compartment and you can transfer easily from tool to bowl.

3. Hand Grinders:

These rotary style grinders use a handle mechanism to crank out the grind.

4. Electric Grinders:

This electricity powered grinders take the actual work out of shifting your medication or spices down to a powder. Just take extra care not to grind too fine, as these models can go from steamy and seedy to sand quality in seconds.

5. Credit Card Grinders:

These svelte and secret grinding tools lay flat and chop your product much like a cheese grinder pulverizes from age.

Which grinder will you choose? Let EveryoneDoesIT be your guide.

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