Why you should get a cannabis vaporizer

Both regular vaporizers and cannabis vaporizers have recently become extremely popular, as it is seen as a healthier, creative and more discreet alternative to smoking – Reason being, that a fatal effects of cannabis come from the inhalation methods that the people exposes themselves to on a regular basis. Most cannabis users know the negative effects of smoking, but the positive (getting high) outweighs the negatives. But what if you could get stoned, without the risk of damaging your respiratory system? That’s why we’re going to discuss, why you should get a cannabis vaporizer.


# What’s the difference between a cannabis vaporizer, and a regular vaporizer?

Most regular E-Juices in regular vaporizers contain natural substances such as water, vegetable glycerin, or propylene glycol, flavoring, and optional nicotine, in which there are no harmful substances, that could be potentially dangerous to your health. Cannabis E-Juice usually contain the same ingredients, but with cannabis infused products, such as dry herbs, and wax. Many people use cannabis vaporizers for medicinal purposes, and use CBD as their main substance, this is a great way to smoke whilst providing health benefits, instead of damaging your health.


#1:  Cannabis Vaporizer is Unregulated 

For most places in the world, lighting a cigarette in a public area will only get you into trouble, but the $1.5 billion US Cannabis vaporizer industry is unregulated. This means that you could inhale a Cannabis vaporizer any place you want. Because it is an unregulated gray market, the industry has tripled their sales in the last few years.


#2: Variety of Cannabis Vaporizers

Today there are a wide variety of cannabis vaporizers available on the market. You can choose which form suits you the best. It should be the discreet and handy vaporizers, or a desk vaporizer, for use of multiple people, and you know there’s nothing better than getting high with good friends. As well as types, vaporizers are available in a variety of different colors, and styles, to it’s easy to find one that suits you.


#3: Cannabis Vaporizers Can Be Used for Medical Reasons

The main goal of the Cannabis vaporizer is to create a substitute for smoking which provides a nicotine fix without burning elements. Though cannabis is not considered a carcinogen, smoking cannabis produces carcinogens and carbon monoxide.

According to statistics, 95% of smoke can be removed by using the vaporizer. There are long-term studies proves that people who vaporize, are safe from lung problems caused by smoking. Aside from the fact that it prevents combustion and it can also vaporize cannabinoids efficiently. In smoking for instance, only 25% of THC is released, vaporizers can improve this up to 46%.


#4: Cannabis Vaporizers is Economical in the Long Run

Vaporizers have a wide price range, due to different mods, sizes, and types. But investing in a high-quality vaporizer is so worth it. Although regular smoking may seem cheaper in the mean time – in the long run, you will actually save a significant amount of money, whilst saving damage to your lungs. A study in 2016 proved that If you are smoking cigarettes and regular E-Juices in regular vaporizers, you end up spending more than $3,000 in a year. On the other hand, cannabis vaporizers start at $99 and reach $700 for the high-end vaporizers, which would last for years.


#5: You Get Simply the Best Vaping Experience

One thing even smokers don’t like is the smell which is often left accumulating in furniture, clothing, curtains, and hair. This isn’t an issue with cannabis vaporizing, as it doesn’t burn the weed (depending on which vaporizer you purchase) Which also means, no more neighbors complaining about the smell of cannabis.

Vaporizing is an extremely fun, and creative way of smoking, with huge smoke clouds, tricks, and great flavors – it’s simply a smoking experience you just can’t miss.



Vaporizers become a popular choice for the health conscious and new-tech lover. Vaporizing is easier on your lungs, like regular smoking –  it’s effects are instant, vaporizing Is inconspicuous. Vaporizers are great for those who want a mellow high, and a tasty, relaxing experience. So, that’s some of the reasons why you should invest in a cannabis vaporizer. We know it’s not for everybody, but we’ve got to keep up with the times, right?

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