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Although the California marijuana law has changed and users can visit local recreational dispensaries, patients need a San Francisco California medical marijuana card to access more cannabis medicine options.  Today, consumption of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes is quite common and less stigmatized. Consuming marijuana doesn’t surprise many people anymore and the medication is more accessible than ever before.  Just as people purchase vitamins, groceries, books, and clothes, consumers can also buy marijuana recreationally. Besides home growers and drug dealers, users can also purchase marijuana from medical cannabis dispensaries but they need a San Francisco medical marijuana card to save on taxes, have more options to different types of medication, and are able to visit more cannabis dispensaries.



Get a medical marijuana card online in San Francisco

420 Evaluations San Francisco – Although marijuana is legal in San Francisco, it would be illegal for users to carry the drug around without medical marijuana cards San Francisco. In essence, without the medical cannabis recommendation, you cannot legally grow, purchase or consume marijuana. At first, the process of getting the medical marijuana card may seem confusing, but you can easily get medical marijuana cards online. You just need medical cannabis recommendations from mmj doctors in San Francisco.  The PureCannMD doctors perform 420 evaluations to assist patients obtain an MMJ recommendation.


It is still illegal for online 420 doctors San Francisco, Ca., to recommend medical marijuana to patients. However, they can legally recommend the medication but only for specific medical conditions. In California, conditions that qualify for an mmj recommendation San Francisco include, AIDS, cancer, Chronic pain, and Arthritis. Cachexia, Anorexia, extreme nausea, migraine and other chronic diseases affecting the patient’s functionality also qualify.


420 doctors in the City  – Although you may have some of the qualifying conditions, it would still be illegal to use medical marijuana without a medical marijuana card. You must get medical cannabis recommendations and approval. Due to the drug’s illegality, primary care physicians will not offer an official and valid mmj recommendation. You can however easily get a recommendation from specialized 420 doctors in the City.


You can use the PureCannMD online 420 doctors San Francisco, Ca., service to complete your 420 evaluation since it is more convenient. You get same day appointments and you can video chat with the doctor at the comfort of your home or office. To meet the telemedicine laws, you have to make sure you speak with a medical professional through phone or video, to get a valid recommendation.

Mmj recommendations in San Francisco is accessible to anyone with a valid ID. You don’t have to reside in California to get the service, but you must possess proof of residency. For online medical cards San Francisco services, you need a State ID, driver’s license, Passport or US military ID. Alternatively, you can present a utility bill, a rent or mortgage agreement, or bank statement.

Preferably, patients can acquire official medical records or documentation from their primary care physicians, highlighting their diagnosis. The records should be presented to the mmj doctors during your evaluation. Once approved for the online medical cards San Francisco – you get your signed PDF copy of your recommendation emailed as soon as you are approved and you can use it immediately upon arrival!  Then your signed embossed paper copy arrives in the mail in days















The medical marijuana card contains your user identification number, the card’s expiry date, and the name and telephone number of the county program that approved the application. The card also has the internet address for verifying the card, the user’s photograph to prevent fraudulent use, and indicates whether the user is a patient or caregiver. Medical marijuana cards do not contain your phone number, address or any other personal information.

Why get a San Francisco medical marijuana card


Besides ensuring that you abide by the law, medical marijuana cards from the San Francisco 420 doctor will give you access to much better medical marijuana than what recreational shops offer. The cannabis sold in medical dispensaries grows from various high quality strains with varying THC: CBD ratios to boost pain management, potency, and a better relief of pain. Moreover, compared to recreational shops, medical dispensaries offer the medication at lower costs. Medical marijuana cards San Francisco can save you up to 20 percent in extra fees.

Going by proposition 215, with an mmj recommendation and approval, patients can grow medical marijuana at home so they can manage their condition. It would be a pleasant feeling to sit back, relax and consume some cannabis that you have nurtured for some months. Well, with a medical marijuana card; you can legally grow your own weed.

Medical marijuana card renewal in SF Bay





You can only enjoy these benefits for one year since the medical marijuana card expires after 365 days. After the year elapses, you have to renew the medical marijuana cards San Francisco by repeating the process. If you return to the online 420 doctors San Francisco, Ca., you don’t have to organize your medical records all over again since the mmj doctors have your medical records; from the first mmj recommendation. Nonetheless, you should present your ID or anything else to prove residence such as a utility bill or bank statement. Also, remember to present your original medial card.

Just because your card expired it does not guarantee you can get a new one. You still have to undergo the 420 evaluation to make sure you qualify; but this does not warrant approval. Unlike the first evaluation, in the renewal, the doctor will review your condition to evaluate whether the medical marijuana was effective. The physician will ask about any side effects you may have experienced, stress and any benefits to determine the outcome of the evaluation. If your medical condition has significantly improved, the doctor may feel that you no longer need medical marijuana as treatment.

Once approved, you will receive your medical marijuana card in about 3-5 business days. You will enjoy the benefits for one year. The 420 card should be renewed at least 30 days before it expires again to void the ‘dead period’ when you cannot buy marijuana medicine.


Getting a medical marijuana card is no longer a tedious process. You can easily get medical marijuana cards online from the PureCannMD 420 Doctors. However, you need valid medical cannabis recommendations issued by mmj doctors following a 420 evaluation. A recommendation from your primary care physician is not valid, but you can consult the physician for some advice based on your diagnosis. A medical marijuana card saves you money and you can buy medical marijuana from medical dispensaries at more reasonable rates. However, the card expires after a year and if not renewed, you can’t purchase your medications.  Check out some of the marijuana deals for your next mmj card.  So, for new and renewing patients – check out PureCann to get your San Francisco medical marijuana cards today.

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