Gary Johnson’s Marijuana Run

Leading gaming app developer today launched the first ever gaming app on 2016 election candidate Gary Johnson, entitled “GARY JOHNSON’S MARIJUANA RUN”. It is also the first marijuana-themed gaming app of a 2016 election candidate. The gaming app is for both iPhone and Android users.

Seattle, September 11th: With the 2016 elections just round the corner, the app world is stormed by gaming apps themed on Trump, Hillary and other politicians. Great news for the app-lovers looking for something new and unique with the election apps- Seasoned app developer Liam Shaw is today launched a 2016 political-themed gaming app “GARY JOHNSON’S MARIJUANA RUN”, which has created history by being the first ever marijuana-themed gaming app on a 2016 election candidate.

The Android version is available now (launched today) on Google Play with the iOS version launching on the 18th.

It’s also the first gaming app centered around Gary Johnson and caters to both iOS and Android users. The US Presidential candidate from Libertarian Party is presently at double-digits in the polls, which is something incredible for a 3rd-party candidate and there cannot be a better time to launch the game.

“Over half of Americans support marijuana legalization but neither of the 2 major presidential candidates are willing to support it. However, Gary Johnson, being the first US Presidential candidate who had been an executive at a marijuana firm, has been actively vocal about legalization of marijuana- this app is meant to satirize this contentious political issue”, stated Shaw while declaring the upcoming launch of his new app.

Gary was the CEO of leading marijuana company Cannibas Sativa before making his run for the Presidentship.

Shaw and his works were featured in a article published on July 29. He had released fifteen candidate-specific game apps this past July modeled on various 2016 US Presidential candidates, accentuated with humorous titles- such as “Thump Trump”, “Bruz Cruz”, “Whack Hillary”, “Sqush Bush”, “Mash Marco” and so on.

But there was nothing on Gary Johnson and after being nudged by Johnson’s supporters for an app themed on the Libertarian Party candidate, Shaw was inspired to develop the exclusive “GARY JOHNSON’S MARIJUANA RUN”.

“This is a new-age gaming app designed to test your wits and skills on every run. While launching two Android apps featuring Gary Johnson this week, the upcoming app is the first one revolving exclusively around Johnson. And yes, it was one of the Gary’s ardent supporters who inspired me with the idea behind the app”, Shaw noted while explaining the app.

“You will jump over spikes & onto boxes, all the while collecting red hearts. The game will enable the player to aim for high scores as well as break records – you can be assured of an addictive and challenging platformer here.”
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