Flat-D Innovations Introduces The Odor Containment Bag

A revolutionary new bag for tobacco and medical marijuana users

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (6-30-2016) From the inventors of the Flatulence Deodorizer comes the revolutionary new product: The Odor Containment Bag (OCB).  A small, lightweight bag made out of a high quality activated charcoal cloth. The OCB significantly reduces the odor of its contents to the point that virtually no human nose can detect what is inside. This material is so effective that specially trained canines also find it extremely difficult identify the inner contents of the bag. This product is perfect for medical marijuana users who don’t want the odor of marijuana emanating out of their pockets or handbag, when in a public area.


Made from a more enhanced version of the doctor approved Flat-D products, the OCB is fabricated with the new MEGA 420 material, the strongest in Flat-D Innovations arsenal. The OCB will be available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Long and Large.  The small, at the size of a coin purse, is the perfect size for carrying some papers, a lighter, and a couple of grams in one’s jeans’ pocket. The Medium is large enough for a pipe, lighter, and up to half an ounce, making it ideal for a backpack or purse.  The Large is just right for holding up to an ounce, making it the perfect bag for stopping by the local dispensary and holding it at home.  With all four sizes coming with a double Velcro seal and an overlapping flap to ensure the peace of mind of the user, the OCB is the future in carrying medical marijuana, hassle free.


The OCB will be sold online at SITE.FLAT-D.COM , and can be bought in a discounted variety pack containing all three sizes.  The Odor Containment Bag is one product of the Universaldeodorizer.com product line.


Flat-D Innovations, A Better Business Bureau Accredited company, is the market leader for over 14 years in flatulence/personal odor control products, feminine odors, and clothes odor. Founded in 2002, the company’s patented products feature activated charcoal cloth that has improved the quality of life for people in over 50 countries worldwide. Contact Frank Morosky, Vice President of Marketing


Flat-D Innovations, Inc.

PO Box 10342

Cedar Rapids, IA 52410-0342

Phone: 319-447-4840

Toll Free: 866-354-0056

Email: info@flat-d.com

Website: www.flat-d.com

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