Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Not too long ago cannabis cultivators were really just growing the best female cannabis plants they could and removing the male plants as they showed sex during the growing season. Today a lot has changed and growing techniques have developed over time and it is much easier to access quality seeds due to changes in law and the popularity of cannabis cultivation.

One of the easiest methods of growing cannabis is by using feminized seeds. In fact, the majority of commercial cannabis cultivars only use feminized seeds and for a good reason. Growing great flowers is not as easy as it seems and the once you take your first step on the road of growing cannabis you realize how much there is to learn about growing top shelf flowers that you will be proud of.

Regular Seeds vs Feminized Seeds

Cannabis plants that are pollinated traditionally using both male and female plants are known as regular seeds. Regular seeds usually produce a ratio of 50/50 female to male ratio depending on your environment, growing conditions and luck of the draw. Some growers have luck and cultivate a much higher ratio of females to make plants, but this makes growing regular seeds highly inefficient in comparison to feminized seeds. Growers working from regular seeds may account for over half of their crop being males. While male plants do have value to breeders of genetics, the majority of growers are aiming at growing flowers or buds. This makes feminized seeds a lot more rewarding in the long run and far less time consuming than growing traditional regular seeds.

So growers of the past, or in rural areas generally would grow double the amount of seeds due to the fact that they would be culling about half of their crop due to them naturally turning out to be males.  What is more, if you do not watch your crop carefully male seeds can easily let off pollen from their sacks and seed the majority of your crop. If you have ever grown from regular seeds in the past you will know that there is always a sneaky small male hidden amongst your females only to realise late in the flowering period that they have pollinated your females. This causes further issues as the growing characteristics of your plant change and instead of the energy being pushed into building bigger, denser and more potent flowers the energy of the plant will be used to grow strong a viable seeds!

Why Grow From Feminized Seeds

Starting off from feminized seeds will help you streamline your grow operation saving you space and time, as well as removing the guesswork from germinating regular seeds. This is key for medical and hobbyist growers as most regulations put a limit on your plant count so what is the real point on growing male plant when it could actually be a bang-for-your-buck female plant. Male plants don’t just take up space in your garden they can sap your time and resources. Until you have reached your flowering time whether it may be indoors or outdoors you will be unsure of what sex your plant is until its starting to mature and showing of the pistils or pollen sacks.

The change in sex is a natural photoperiod process outdoors during the changes of the season from summer to autumn or indoors when you change the light switch to below 12 hours of light. Once your plants are old enough you will have to go the trouble of actually determining the sex, monitoring each individual plant very carefully before they are able to pollinate your precious female plants and causing the female flowers to produce seeds.

How are Cannabis Seeds Feminized

There are a couple of ways breeders have been able to perfect the breeding of feminized seeds. One of the most popular methods of producing feminized seeds is by washing down female plants with colloidal silver or a silver thiosulphate solution. Either solution removes the plants’ natural production of ethylene, this is the hormone responsible for the flowering or fruiting of the plant. The result of this solution and method is a female plant that produces pollen sacks. Since the pollen sacks are produced on a female plant and left to pollinate an untreated female plant, the resulting seeds will generally always be female!

Varieties of feminized Seeds to try in your Garden

Growing cannabis at home is legal in the majority of states and provinces throughout North America. It is advisable to check your local laws and the restrictions placed on a home grower before germinating or even purchasing your first cannabis seeds.

Blue Dream

One of the most popular feminized seeds worldwide due to its flavor, aroma as well as THC content.  It is also a fairly easy plant to grow that is short in stature and fast flowering. This hybrid strain only takes 55 – 65 days to flower and the harvest can be up to a whopping 500 grams. It is excellent for pain relief as well as great to be used as a sleeping aid.

Bruce Banner

So simple to grow, it practically grows itself. A very popular feminized seed that is packed with THC and CBD. It will unleash euphoria and inner happiness within you when smoked. A sweet, earthy flavor that will keep you stoned for hours. Excellent for appetite stimulation as well as great as a sleeping aid, Bruce Banner is a must for any new grower. A tall indica that has a quick turnaround time from seed to harvest you will be surprized at its large yield.

Cinderella 99

Also known as Cindy 99 or C99 this top strain has long been used as a breeding genetic and now available as a feminized seed. Originally created by Mr Soul of the famous Brothers Grimm. Although a short flowering plant and Sativa dominant it is great for indoor growing. Excellent to know that the feminized varieties will truly produce only females. The colorful purple and green hues during flowering will release sweet smelling scents. Great yield and good all-rounder, Cindy 99 is an excellent plant for both novice and advanced growers.

Growing Tips for Feminized Seeds

You are possibly convinced to now grow feminized seeds not only from a time, cost and resource point of view but also because it makes sense with the restrictions placed on the number of plants you may grow, which is usually below 10, depending on the state or province you live in. Cannabis just like any plant enjoys a great environment to grow in and if you make sure a couple of key factors are optimum you will be harvesting some top-shelf homegrown in no time at all.

Growing Medium –  a mixture of potting soil and compost is the most common growing medium. Make sure yours is of a good standard and free of mold. There are many soil recipes available but generally speaking if its good enough to grow a house plant or vegetable in, its good enough for cannabis to thrive.

Nutrients – Cannabis may require a good slow release fertilizer during its lifecycle. A good point to remember is cannabis requires a lot of Nitrogen ( N ) during its vegetative period and Phosphorous ( P ) during its blooming or flowering period.

Water – fresh, filtered and well-aerated water is ideal for cannabis to grow. And be warned cannabis outdoors in the hot summer sun can require large amounts of clean water.

Air – cannabis enjoys fresh air so make sure your plant is not near the output pipe of an air-conditioning unit and the air is not stagnant.

Light – whether you growing indoors or outdoors light is a key component for strong cannabis growth and bud formation. Cannabis grows well under full sunlight and its best to sow your seeds outdoors after the first frost.

Seeds  – it is always a good idea to invest in good seeds and start with seeds you can trust. To put all the effort into growing a cannabis plant from seed to flower and finally to harvest your plant not knowing what you will get is not worth it. Buying seeds from a reputable seed bank or pot shop is always advisable especially if you have limited space to grow or limited to the number of plants you may grow.

Growing cannabis from feminized seeds will save you a lot of time and money in the long term. It is worthwhile whether you are a novice grower or seasoned advanced grower to look at starting your cannabis crop from feminized for the simple reason that it is more efficient. There are loads of feminized seeds available from seedbanks that would suit even the most unusual tastes or growing requirements. Most of all enjoy the journey of growing your cannabis plant and don’t forget what you sow is what you reap. 


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