Ever wonder what strains out there are the best?

Ever wonder what strains out there are the best? What is everyone smoking that maybe you’ve missed? Remember back in the day when Northern Lights was all the rage. Northern Lights is one of the purest indica strains and has sedative properties that makes it ideal for evening use and to treat insomnia. Allowing patients comfortably relieve sleeplessness and pain. The buds have a very gentle spicy-sweet aroma.


Other popular strains from the good ol’ days include Cheese, a popular indica strain from the UK that was known for its sour and pungent smell. It has a relaxing effect which eases muscles and the state of mind.  White Widow, a cross between Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica. This strain has been a mainstay at every Dutch coffee shop since their births in the 1990’s. The buds are white colored, with a crystal resin. A powerful feeling of euphoria and energy levels. White Widow is one of the most consumed cannabis strains around the world.


The complexity of cross-pollination and creating new strains is incredible. Take the trainwreck strain, one of the most potent cannabis strains. It’s a hybrid of Mexican Sativa, Thai Sativa, and Afghani Indica. Its heavy sativa base makes it great for daytime use and is said to have a cerebral high, bringing an increased feeling of euphoria. Learn more about the trainwreck strain.


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