Essential accessories every stoner needs

These days, smoking weed is a leisure pursuit that is open to more and more people. As such, there’s a whole industry blossoming that caters to every conceivable need, and there is a whole range of accessories available. Here, we separate the wheat from the chaff and provide the lowdown on some of our favorites. If you’re stuck on a gift idea for the stoner in your life, we might just have the answer.  

A grinder 

Grinding your weed to just the right consistency can make or break the quality of your smoke. It’s surprising, then, that so many still improvise with the flat edge of a pair of scissors or some other random kitchen utensil, especially when there is so much choice out there with different types of weed grinder. There’s something for every budget, but none of them are really expensive, so choose metal over plastic, and ideally, one with at least three chambers.  

A rolling tray 

You won’t realize just how useful an accessory this is until you start to use it and then try to get by without it! Rolling a joint without a rolling tray can often result in as much weed on the floor as in your joint. It’s wasteful, it’s messy and if you have a curious dog or cat sniffing about the floor, it can be dangerous. There are all sorts of different designs available, and the best ones have different areas for rolling, holding papers, and so on.  

A rolling machine 

This can be a controversial choice. Some people are naturals at hand-rolling, while others end up creating their version of a snake that looks like it’s just swallowed a rabbit. Having a rolling machine in hand can be a useful backup if you are outside in poor weather. Even an expert roller will struggle with cold, wet fingers, and rolling machines are discreet and small enough to be carried in your pocket.  

A stash box 

Even in these enlightened days of legalized weed, it’s better not to be walking around with your stash in a little plastic bag. Aside from not being a great look, it will not keep your weed in optimum condition. A stash box is a must, and here, as with the grinder, you don’t need to spend much money, so get a good one. Resist the temptation of wood – yes, it looks cool, but it’s unlikely to be airtight and the wood can actually taint the weed. Metal is ideal, but there are also plastic or even glass options.  

Some special papers 

Rolling papers are more of an essential than an accessory. However, papers made from wood are so passé. Rice paper burns slower and smoother. Just be warned, it is also quite significantly thinner than regular paper, so you might want that rolling machine after all. For the stoner who has everything, you can even buy rolling papers made out of gold – what better way to unleash your inner Floyd Mayweather?  

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