Enjoy Lasting Cannabis Life: 5 Simple Steps To Cure Weed Buds

Patience in every area helps to serve effective results, the same lies to your favorite weed. Curing weed for a few weeks can boost its life and give a more enjoyable cannabis experience. Even in many cases, you can enjoy buds for more than one year without compromising on taste and quality. The best part, good care of buds results in buttery smooth smoke and minimizes mold growth. In the absence of it, you may need to throw the most expensive buds in the trash after a few days only.

Let’s know simple and easy ways to cure your delicious buds for the sake of superior taste and smooth smoking:

Step #1: Begin With Buds Trimming

To embark on the buds drying process, when you are drying buds individually, it’s great to go.  If you are drying in bunches, you might be making one mistake. It could be not separating leaves, hence it would be great to separate each bud from the sugar leaves then use the bunch drying technique. It helps in drying buds faster and reduces mold growth.

Step #2 Stashing Your Flowers

The next step is to start the flower drying process. Before that, you should know that your cannabis quality matters for buds drying, as some good quality weed takes a longer time to dry compared to others.

Many people use to open rooms under specific temperatures to dry buds, hanging or placing buds individually can let them dry. Others use containers to dry trimmed buds.

When you place buds in containers, keep in mind, always add buds in containers not more than 75% capacity. Do not place the lid and set some settings in a room for air to leave. Now, leave the weed to dry. Keep an eye on the buds, if these rattle around the glass freely, means you can move forward. Otherwise for more time and let them dry completely.

Step #3 Cure Weed With An Adequate Humidity Level

The next step is to apply the lid to the jar and place them in a cool and dark place. You can choose a cupboard or other storage area having 21 degrees temperature and 60-65% humidity level. You can also put a hygrometer in every jar to accurately measure jar temperature.

Step#4 Regulate Humidity Levels

During the first few days, you need to pay more attention and care for your buds. Therefore, do not forget to inspect the glass carefully, keep the lid open for a few minutes to allow fresh air to pass through the jar. You must also check mold formations. Remember, throughout the process of buds drying keep the humidity level on hygrometers to 60-65%. If the need arises, keep the jar open for more than three hours, if your weed needs more breathing sessions.

Step #5 You Are Almost There

Continue to open the jar once a day for the next two weeks or until you feel the buds are ready to smoke. As the whole process takes more than three weeks in some cases. Therefore, you need to be patient for a long time. If you cannot wait so long, you can go with capital buds delivery for the fastest delivery in your area. All your hassle can be resolved in one-step delivery and you can keep the good quality weed for a longer duration.

Following the above buds curing tips can help you enjoy your lovable weed for a longer duration. But if you want to avoid handling it on your own, ordering from a reliable source is also a great option.

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