Elizabeth Warren on Marijuana Legalization

On the upcoming election in the United States, Elizabeth Warren is one of the candidates running for the presidency in the whole 51 states of America. American politician Elizabeth Warren is serving as the senior US Senator from Massachusetts from 2013. She created different laws and reforms during her past years, one of it is the bankruptcy law which is made in with the federal laws. She is quite progressive in the following years. She mainly focused on consumer protections, social safety net, and economic opportunity presently during her senatorial position.

From her candidacy to the occurring nominations for the new presidential run that will be made on the year 2020, she is further involved in the topic of the legislation of marijuana in contrary to the federal government. The federal government is further sensitive to the issue and created their federal law for the criminal justice law for the legalization of marijuana activities to be reenacted to the nation of America. In conflict to this, Senator Warren reiterates her backing for marijuana’s legalization in the country. According to her statement made to the CNN town hall which is officially broadcasted, her statement follows about the topic of criminal justice reform created in the federal government that should be made an action about starting with the things they have registered illegally.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, another Democratic presidential candidate, specifically created her declaration that includes her absolute report to the legalization of marijuana to the nation. In addition to her statement, upon her comment to the CNN town hall made in the New Hampshire during their declaration with other presidential candidates, she firmly talked about the usage of marijuana for both white American and African American that uses the same amount of marijuana according to the nation’s rate.

Here are the legislation and policy took action by Sen. Warren about her support to the legalization of marijuana.

One of the sponsorships of Warren is the “Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States” or known as STATES Act. This act she has been leading is within a partnership with Senator Cory Gardner made in June. This legislation is made to alter the CSA or the Controlled Substances Act, an act made to regulate substances which includes marijuana. In her STATES Act, she is focusing on exempting state-legal marijuana activity made legal from the federal reform.

Another policy the senator has are her co-sponsorship with other six major pieces of the marijuana reform legislation. The pieces include two wide bills from her partner, Sen. Cory Booker which is the CARERS Act. This was made in the design to protect marijuana used in medical activities of the patients from the federal enforcement reforms. This gives protection to the users of marijuana in terms of medication that was hindered by the federal government. Another is the Marijuana Justice Act, and this is made to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act, this policy is made to create the legalization of marijuana to the federal course and to expunge the criminal records of those people who are previously convicted with their cannabis offenses. The bill later goes even wider with the mantra expressed by other reformers in the Capitol Hill and planning to fund it from the state to create discriminatory enforcement of the marijuana laws to be implemented in the court.

Aside from that, Senator Warren also signed a marijuana rescheduling bill that was introduced by Senator Chuck Schumer and another bill that would be authorized to the Department of Veterans Affair and to is conducted to some research about the therapeutic potentials of marijuana to made for veterans. Also, she sponsored two bills that were made to protect banks about marijuana business activities. These two bills are known as the SAFE Banking Act that was implemented during 2017, and another that was made in 2015, which is the Marijuana Businesses Access to Banking Act.

A lot was going in 2017. One of it was a letter signed by Warren in March that was expressing the concern about the remarks made from the White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, who oblique the federal crackdown of the legal cannabis in the state. The letter in relation with Sen. Warren encourages the Justice Department of America in allowing the state to operate legal use of cannabis without the fearing the intervening the act by the federally.  

And in 2017 of November, she sent a letter addressing to Trump’s then-nominee to be about the DHHS or Department of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar. What is written in the letter was her personal amend to consider her act for the legalization of the cannabis that can help in combat with the opioid epidemic, the letter comes with research that indicates the legal status of using cannabis that is said to lower the rates of opioid overdoses compared to non-legal drugs use.

For the last policy, she has an act. It was made on 2018 of January, she then sent a letter to the bipartisan coalitions co-signers that is imploring Trump to be directed to the former Atty. General Jeff Sessions to be able to reinstate the Cole memo, which is an Obama-period document in guiding the federal marijuana prosecution. This letter was about giving cannabis a pathway to be more comprehensive in the state and also give respect to people with interest, such as for therapeutic purposes.

As concluded, Senator Warren is boosted to approve the legalization of marijuana to the nation. The actual act was added to her reform for her presidential candidacy for the upcoming year of 2020. On a statement made by Senator Warren, she said that she never smoked marijuana. But her personal experience to cannabis does not stop her to look at the better side of marijuana in advantage to the state. She offers different acts and policies on how cannabis could contribute to the nation and at the same time interjecting with the federal government of its criminal justice reform for marijuana.

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