Durban Poison Marijuana: A Powerful and Fabulous Daytime Strain

The legalization of marijuana in many states across the United States and in other parts of the world is surely shaking things up as far as getting high is concerned. Not only is everyone trying to be high and get in on the game, but every bud enthusiast is trying to advocate for the type of weed that suits their tastes and needs. However, those that are familiar with what proper top quality marijuana entails will undoubtedly admit that Durban Poison a.k.a. Durbs is one of the best and most desirable strains of marijuana in the world.

Those unacquainted with the popular 420-friendly world of cannabis might dare ask, “Who in their proper mind would smoke or consume something with poison as its name? Well, let’s forget about its menacing and insidious name for a moment, Durban Poison is not only one of the few remaining untainted Sativas, but is also one of the most popular strains currently on the market. And here is why.

The Circuitous Origin of Durban Poison

Needless to say, it is a known fact that marijuana has been cultivated on the African continent many centuries before Western Europe countries were prompted by greed and ambition to send their explorers and armies to conquer what was by then known as the New World. One particular area that was known for its unique and ingenious landrace strains was Pinetown region of the South African port city of Durban, which is believed to be the origin of Durban Poison while deriving its name from the greater Durban.

Cushioned by the oceans and fronted by the golden white sand beaches, Durban is undeniably a subtropical paradise that has everything to support the cultivation of high-quality marijuana genetics such as Durban Poison. While it probably had existed in its
unknown original form for years if not centuries, Durban Poison only came to prominence in the late 1970s when legendary cannabis cultivator, activist, and former High Times Magazine columnist, Ed Rosenthal smuggled the Durban Poison seeds to the United States from Amsterdam after having them procured from South Africa by legendary Amsterdam-based American breeder, Sam the Skunkman.

Distinctive Features

Despite its long winding origin, Durban Poison remains popular among cannabis purists not just for its pure landrace and ability to adapt well in a variety of growing conditions, but also for having a sweet heavy smell with traces of aromatic licorice and short
flowering period. Its buds range from medium to large in size and are dense, compact and tapered. They also have forest green leaves that are beautifully equalized by perky orange pistils to aid in pollination.

Even though its licorice aroma is evident on the exhale, its flowers are pungent and provide a lung-expanding smoke, especially when burnt or broken open.

A Wonderful Strain with Many Revitalizing and Sensational Virtues

Durban Poison is widely revered for its powerful psychoactive effects. It is a special, pure and classic Sativa with a THC potency level of over 24%. This gives it a serpentine-like quick high that typically lasts for 2 to 3 hours. The best part is; Durban Poison never leaves its users feeling jagged or overstimulated like some strains. Instead, it is a clear and more focused strain that affects the user excellently and is perfect for active chores, as well as for thoughtful and creative pursuits.

Again, Durban Poison has seen its current renaissance and popularity among its users surge to an all-time high because it uplifts their moods and gives them an instant cerebral high while still boosting energy and putting a smile on their faces. Medically, Durban Poison alleviates depression, stress, fatigue, migraine, anxiety, eating disorder, headaches, PTSD and lower back pain.

Even though it may leave you with dry eyes, dry mouth and feeling dizzy and paranoid, the benefits of Durban Poison far outweigh these negative effects by miles.

Simply put, Durban Poison is a truly robust herb that is invigorating and exciting, especially when you need the energy to take yours through an entire active day. It gives you a sensational ride on the clouds without weighing you down and is best enjoyed in the morning before embarking on the task ahead. Whether you like it on a pipe, vaporizer, bong or a joint, Durban Poison is undeniably one of the most desirable strains on planet earth. Its pungent aftertaste and distinct sweet licorice smell is top-notch and makes it user-friendly. Above all, Durban Poison has a clear, focused and functional effects package that invigoratingly arouses resourcefulness, pleasantness and general mood. Truth be told, Durban Poison days are indeed fabulously fruitful days. Must have from your favorite dispensary.


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