Should doctors prescribe medical marijuana to kids?

The question of whether doctors should prescribe medical marijuana to kids has been an interesting yet contentious issue within the medical circles and the society at large. There are two sides to the story, and hence making it unclear as to whether the drug can be effectively used in treating kids. While the majority of professionals in the medical world like doctors and pediatricians seem to agree that medical marijuana can effectively be used in treating kids, most or all of them would actually refuse to prescribe it to the kids. The conundrum, therefore, is why they agree that it is substantively beneficial and yet clearly seem unwilling to actively prescribe it to kids?

Facts as to why doctors face the challenge of prescribing medical marijuana to kids

• In most states, it is illegal to prescribe medical marijuana to persons below the age of 25 or 18

• Medical professionals within the pediatric society refuse to prescribe, citing the fact that they lack the proper guidelines to do so

• There is limited research regarding the limits to which the prescription to kids can assist or affect them

• Limited clinical trials

• There are various state laws that must be adjusted to promote the usage of medical marijuana by kids

Should doctors prescribe medical marijuana to kids?

If you ask the parents that have kids that might need the prescription, you will generally conclude that an overwhelming majority of them prefer medical marijuana over the conventional medication. Despite a few parents having doubts with regards to its side-effects, most parents that have used it on their kids claim that it does miracles.

Most kids that are faced with the need to use medical marijuana as a therapeutic drug are those that suffer from conditions or health issues like autism, seizures and other effects caused by chemotherapy like vomiting and nausea.

Kids with other conditions like the Tourette syndrome, PTSD, and muscle spasticity can also benefit from medical marijuana, however, the research and clinical tests to back it up are still weak. The medical argument is whether the risks that come with the usage would be outweighed by the benefits.

With such argument in progress, however, there are parents out there that are secretly using medical marijuana on their kids. The use is in secrecy due to the factors that are in the current setting hindering a proper prescription of the drug as discussed above. The complications that arise from this exercise, however, are critical. While it is illegal in most areas, it is also risky. In Arizona, medical marijuana can be purchased by a patient at the most popular weed dispensary in Phoenix Arizona, Encanto Green Cross.

With the lack of proper research, clinical tests, and, therefore, a lack of proper prescription guidelines, parents that are forced to secretly use the medical marijuana might be putting their kids in grave danger. It is, therefore, necessary that the proper authorities involved must act fast and sanitize the situation.

The problem surrounding the whole discussion is based on the technicalities involved rather than whether it should be prescribed to kids. With most doctors and parents admitting that it is beneficial to kids, the effort must be redirected towards finding the solutions that would promote its prescription to the kids.

What must be done?

The fact that the federal law illegalizes the use of marijuana in most states, extensive research on marijuana has been hindered to a large extent. Nevertheless, the gains that have been made on medical marijuana for adults, for instance, must be harnessed to extend to the kids. Research and clinical tests are in the contemporary the biggest stumbling block. With an increase in the same, better guidelines can be formulated to assist doctors in prescribing medical marijuana to kids. Currently, doctors are structurally hindered by the prevailing federal laws and lack of research on the matter. The Burden that is placed on the relevant practitioner must be detached by the relevant policymakers in the medical sector.


There are several cases where kids with severe epilepsy and other serious conditions have incredibly been aided by medical marijuana. The case remains the same with other conditions that require potent psychoactive drugs. While it is also true that like any other powerful psychoactive drug medical marijuana can have serious side-effects, it is also true that it certainly helps the kids in various conditions. A proper way of facilitating doctors to prescribe medical marijuana is necessary. The information regarding guidance for both parents and practitioners must be provided. The parents deserve to be informed of the quantity they should be using, the period, and certainly how often the drug should be applied. Such information is currently lacking and that is the problem that must be solved.

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