Do You Wish To Score POT? Here’s How You Can Across US States.

Regardless of the controversies surrounding marijuana and its consumption, the future looks greener for pot smokers. With several states in the US alone, legalizing the marijuana and its use by adults, either for medical or recreational use, there’s still a long way to go.

Be it legalized altogether or just for medical use, presently 33 US states have commercialized the cannabis trade. This multi-billion dollar business, although legalized by various states, is still a federal offense. This means you cannot travel between states, even if the states have it legalized.

Anyhow, you can still purchase and smoke it in peace, in almost half of the country. There are four types of legalizations that this herb has currently claimed, after a long struggle, stepping out of the stigma.

  • Legal Anyway

As already mentioned, almost half of the country’s states have legalized cannabis possession and use, not all the states have the same legality over cannabis. A mere one-third of this number has legalized the cannabis use and possession by any and all citizens above the age of 21 for recreational enjoyment as well as medical use.

The states that have legalized this federally classified, schedule 1 drug, include Alaska, Vermont, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, and Washington. Also, the capital city of the United States, the District of Columbia, has legalized cannabis totally.

  • Medically Legalized

The quantity is limited to one ounce only if you wish to purchase weed for some peaceful time. In case you need weed for medical purposes, you should get yourself a medical marijuana prescription from a licensed medical practitioner. You can find every detail on how to get a medical card for purchasing marijuana in this article- Anyhow, you can only purchase an ounce of it at once, any way you try to purchase it.

Including the states that have legalized it completely, there are another 13 states have legalized the medical use. Recreational use or possession or attempts of selling it may call in for demeanor warnings for first timers but can call in for felony charges for further defaulters.

  • Limited THC-Medical Use

Another 10 states have legalized medical consumption of the drug but implemented control over its cannabinoid composition. The variation in THC concentration ranges from zero to not more than 5%, and that too in the concentrates and strains. In other words, you can only purchase derivatives of the herb and not the green stuff, indeed.

Most of the states have legalized just the CBD oil and a few of these states have legalized eatables and vaping products. The first time offenders may be let go with a warning or maybe a little fine, but second time offenders are in for heavy penalties and maybe imprisonment.

  • Decriminalized Legalization

In a few states it may be decriminalized for first or subsequent offenders, but is still not legal. This is contradictory to what legal selling of cannabis and its products is like in other states that have legalized it. In most of the states where weed is decriminalized, the charges put up against the offenders are taken off with a small fine or community service that the offenders have to pay.

All of these reforms had taken place in the last decade or so. Although the federal laws still consider it as a grade one drug and there are heavy penalties for illegal peddlers and tokers, state laws do allow peaceful use of it, including selling it, after procuring a license from the state authority.

Whether it is to be consumed for medical reasons or for recreation, the after-effects of smoking is still a matter of concern. The scarcity of evidence to prove whether its safe for consumption or it has any addictive side-effects is the leading cause for the controversy around it.

Having said that, it has been reported by various government as well as private agencies that almost every third American has either tried or still smokes weed. And with the state laws, legalizing it commercially, the number was found to be rising. In contrary to this, another data depicts that the number of non-adults, have decreased since past half-a-decade or so. Especially, the school kids, who are most prone to abuse.

For anyone who is above the legal age (21 years), can easily score toke and other forms of cannabis. But it is still recommended that whether you smoke it up for the sake of prescription or to get your mind off of something, you should do it responsibly.

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