Do Wax Pens Achieve a Different High Than Oil Vaporizers?

Wax and oil are two types of concentrates. Oil is relatively standardized, particularly if you purchase pre-filled cartridges. Wax may vary in texture, depending on heat and moisture levels during processing. If you are interested in vaping concentrates, find out more about the effects of wax and oil and the vaporizers and accessories designed for use with these substances.

Wax Pens

Wax tends to be much more potent than dry herb or oil. A dedicated wax vaporizer will either feature a ceramic atomizer or quartz heating coil. Ceramic heating provides mellower heat, while quartz heats faster and can reach higher temperatures. Either one of these designs is preferable to cotton wicks and other materials that may burn and expose a vaper to additives. The evenness of the heating method is important, as is ensuring that vaporization occurs. Wax vape pens should allow for customized temperature settings.

Oil Vapes

Oil is stronger than dry herb but less potent than wax. An oil vaporizer is compatible with pre-filled or refillable cartridges that contain this concentrate. Most oil cartridges have universal 510 threading. It is possible to use a wide variety of cartridges made by different companies with a compatible vape pen battery. Top off a refillable cartridge with a specialized blunt-tip syringe or dispenser.

Deciding on a Vape

Depending on which form of concentrate you prefer, you may want to purchase a specially designed vape pen. You can also choose a hybrid model or purchase accessories that allow for the use of oil and wax. Oil pens heat up with a tiny heating element and do not have a specialized chamber or heating element necessary for dabbing. Wax pens may or may not have 510 threading compatible with oil cartridges. Choose a vape model that will enable you to enjoy the concentrate you prefer or switch between oil cartridges and wax attachments.

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