The difference between a CBD oil and a Hemp oil

Even though they are alike in many ways, there are several differences between CBD and hemp oil. As a customer, it can be easy to be confused by product labeling like “marijuana oil” or “cannabis oil” since a number of companies use the phrases interchangeably. Let’s explore the differences between CBD oil and hemp oil, so you’ll know how to tell the difference between the two.

Hemp Oil: What Is It?

Hemp oil comes from the hemp plant. It’s an extract that comes from hemp seeds. The oil can come from any plant that is in the cannabis genus, but hemp oil only comes from industrial hemp. Hemp oil is industrially produced and doesn’t have a high amount of psychoactive substances, so it won’t cause you to get high, but has other medicinal properties.

How Do You Use Hemp Oil?

You can use CBD oil from American Hemp Oil for cooking, since the oil contains several nutrients. The taste of the oil is nutty and can add a rich flavor to foods that isn’t too overwhelming. The oil is also used as a principle ingredient in some foods. Hemp oil is commonly used as part of homemade salad dressing as well. Hemp oil is also used on the skin, and can thoroughly moisturize the skin. It can be used immediately after showering to make the skin soft and to prevent the skin from cracking and peeling. The oil from hemp can also be used as a base for various forms of plastic, and is often used in place of petroleum.

Paints can also be made from hemp oil and are more environmentally friendly than paints that are made from petroleum. Hemp oil is an ingredient in biodiesel fuel, similar to other vegetable oils. The oil is also a main ingredient in soaps and lotions as well.

CBD Oil: What Is It?

CBD oil stands for cannabidiol oil. This ingredient is a natural ingredient from hemp or industrial cannabis. The oil has lots of cannabidiol in it, and is made from the leaves, stalks and blooms of hemp instead of the seeds. The medical marijuana industry has made CBD oil especially popular, and it can be used to treat a number of conditions without the intoxication that comes with using traditional marijuana.

CBD Oil: How to Use It

Cannabis oil can be used as a natural treatment for cancer. The oil can also treat disorders like depression and anxiety, and has an effect on the nervous system to treat conditions like seizures and a number of inflammatory disorders. Some individuals also use cannabis oil for treating epilepsy.

The Main Difference Between Cannabis Oil and Hemp Oil

Hemp and marijuana are seen as “plant cousins,” but the THC in marijuana is much higher. Hemp oil has very low levels of CBD, usually less than 25 parts per million, and cannabis oil can have up to 15% CBD. Since these plants are related, some sellers try to market hemp oil as having the same medicinal properties as cannabis oil. However, the curative properties of hemp oil are extremely low.

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