Dabbing – The Right Techniques Discussed

It’s hard to tell the exact number of people who love dabbing, but there are no less than millions of dabbing lovers throughout the world. Call it for the sake of going in a harmonious zone to release the stress hormones; there are countless reasons behind the increasing number of dabbing lovers.

Before moving on to different ways to dab, let’s put some light on what dabs are.

Those who have ever tried it knows that dabs are a highly concentrated form of CBD or cannabis. Dabs consist of around 70 to 99% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). These are made using a fine line of solvents, including butane, carbon dioxide, etc. Further, these are blended with the refined CBD extract taken from cannabis flowers or sugar leaves.

Talking about the concentration amount, it totally depends on the consistency of BHO, shatter, and wax used. The best way to relish these concentrated compounds is to heat them on the hot surface with the help of a nail, and then inhale using a dab rig. The overall experience may seem similar to a bong.

The right way to enjoy dabbing is here –

When it comes to dabbing, there are countless ways to practice it. Those who are new to this world often look upon answers to how to do dabs without a torch or device, but first what matters is the right technique and not the right equipment. This makes it ultra-important for you, as a dab lover, to enjoy dabbing appropriately.

The most common way to dab is by using a basic rig which comes in different qualities. If you are new to dabbing, here is how to deal with it. Try following these steps and experience nirvana.

Step 1 – Get the CBD concentrate ready for you.

The first thing is to get a small amount of cannabis extract (preferably take a small amount so you can manage it accordingly). The process would include eliminating the non-concentrated compounds of cannabis. You may require to have an experienced helping hand for this.

Step 2 – Heat it

Next comes heating the blow torch or the nail. It turns red within a few seconds, so heat accordingly. Generally, experts suggest waiting for at least 8 to 10 seconds before you step ahead. The other way to heat the concentrate is to keep it on a hot surface and let it heat for 10 seconds.

Step 3 – Apply the heated concentrate on the pen and enjoy

Now add the concentrated amount in the device (pen, dabbing rig or nail), slowly inhale, and enjoy the vapes. While you relish your dabbing experience, make sure to learn the right way to hold a dabbing pen or rig.

It’s that easy!

The concluding words –

Dabbing is an overwhelming experience but only when done in the right way. This makes it important to gel up with the right process, get into details, and enjoy the dabbing process to the fullest. However, make sure you are using the right concentrations and getting it consulted with an experienced individual before consuming.

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