How to Clean Your Pen Vaporizer

Pen Vaporizers are small, lightweight and easy to handle. Proper cleaning of your pen vaporizer is one of the most important factors of the ownership. A sticky residue slowly builds up inside the herb chamber or cartridge. Cleaning guarantee that the inhaled vapor is clean and pure which is important from a health perspective. Any debris left inside the pen could lead to loss of performance or serious damage. Every product comes with a warranty which heavily depends on the care you give to your skinny friend. If the pen stop working due to insufficient care, the warranty could be voided.


There are many different slim vaporizers on the market and the care and cleaning process might vary. To keep it simple, we put together for you a few short steps how to effectively clean your pen vaporizer without wasting too much time. The typical pen comes in three parts which are: battery, mouthpiece, and ceramic heating chamber. In order to clean the pen, the parts need to be taken apart, cleaned and put again together.

Battery must stay dry and without any physical dirt or damage. Taking good care of your battery can dramatically extend the life of your pen. Once a week is a good timeframe for a battery inspection to make sure everything runs properly.

Oil cartridge or herb chamber is more prone to scratches or a damage while cleaning. It’s not recommended to clean the inside part of the chamber. A piece of cotton on the stick could be used or an alcohol wipe to protect the surface of the chamber. Oil cartridge could be filled with a warm water, shaken and easily poured away. Cleaning kits are available to make this process less painful and time-consuming.

The mouthpiece is the reason why we decided to explain how to clean pen vaporizer in the first place. It is the easiest part to clean and the most important because the residues are collecting in the area next to the heating chamber. Rubbing alcohol or a cotton cloth can be used for proper cleaning. As well as soaking the whole mouthpiece in an alcohol for about half an hour is a good practice to get used to. This way the mouthpiece will be cleaned, germs free and fully disinfected for a safe use.

After a proper cleaning put the pen together and enjoy relaxing moments with your best “friend”. Keeping your pen clean and avoiding sharing with friends and family will keep you worry-free and healthy. You can find some great products and ideas on Instagram

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