How To Choose The Best Online Head Shop

Not all online headshops are created equal. In the bottomless abyss that is the Internet there are all sorts of head shops from the totally awesome to the totally horrible. How is the average unsuspecting customer who only wants to get a new bong for his/her best bud to know which website can be trusted? Whether you are totally new to online shopping or you have already been through several online head shops, here are some tips that will help you to choose the best head shop to meet your needs.

Tip 1 – Reputation

The reputation of an online head shop is one of the most important things to consider when choosing which one you should get your cannabis supplies from. If people only have bad things to say about a particular shop, most people will assume that it is not a good place to spend their money.

A head shop’s social media presence is a very good indicator of the strength of its brand. At the very least they should have a significant number of followers, posts and regular audience engagement across the major social media platforms.

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Any reputable online retailer in today’s society will have social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other relevant social media platforms. These social media accounts give you the opportunity to see what their current customers are saying about them and this can help you to chose the shop that you connect with the most.

Tip 2 – Brands and Products

The brands and selection of cannabis related products that you can find in an online head shop’s catalog will be a good indicator as to what kind of shop it is. The best head shops will carry brands that have well established reputations like OCB and Dr Dabber.

Overall the quality of the products that are being sold should be very high. Poorly made products do not last for very long and they are rarely effective. Choose a head shop that offers products that are made from the best materials and you will get the most out of any purchase that you made.

The selection of products is also to be considered. Ideally you will want to have a wide selection to the best bongs, cannabis accessories, vapes etc. When is comes to selection, online head shops tend to have much more options than your local head shop.

Tip 3 – Shipping

Let’s face it – when you shop at an online head shop you will by default need to have any items that you purchase shipped to you. For this reason the shipping options that are available should play a very important role in your decision when selecting an online head shop.


Look for an online head shop with discreet shipping

It is best to choose an online retailer that provides discreet shipping. Few people want to receive their cannabis related products in obviously marked packaging. Discreet online head shops like Cloud Culture Glass Boutique will ship your purchases in plain brown unmarked or USPS packages.


They also offer FREE shipping in the USA and that means if you are buying from a US state you will automatically be saving some money. Whichever head shop you end up choosing, be sure to read their shipping policies carefully. Some of the lesser head shops will attach high shipping charges to the bill in an underhanded effort to increase their profits.


With more new head shops being launched on the Internet virtually everyday, choosing the best one for your individual taste can be challenging. The tips above should help you to narrow your options and make a better choice. Using cannabis in any of its many forms is a very intimate experience, the accessories that you use should be chosen with care.

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