CBD Oil with Yohimbe

     The reason CBD Oil has become so popular is because it is very effective and easy to use without negative side effects.  This is the essence of a plant that has the ability to pass the brain- blood barrier.  This makes it’s absorption and long term application a success.


      The truth is CBD has been around a long time so it can be used with some confidence.  Another similar plant that has medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities is called Yohimbe bark. We are always looking on the new ideas to improve health at www.CannabisCouchSurfers.Com


We are combing Yohimbe extract HCL with CBD Oil & peppermint in a spray bottle to give a premium experience to CannabisCouchSurfers.Com members. The quality of our ingredients is proven by it’s taste and impact. We invite you to order now as supplies are limited so we are only allowing a maximum order of 5 bottles to any one customer in order to keep with inquiries.
  We can not guarantee our products as a cure or treatment. This has not been endorsed or approved by the FDA. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Use at Your Own Risk.

        2 short squirts a day for oral application and you are absorbing a wonderful neutracutical revitalization.

Visit our website www.CannabisCouchSurfers.Com

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