Cannabis Software & POS Importance: Here’s Some Tips


The cannabis industry is beginning to see advancements made in technology and POS software. As states continue to legalize the process of tracking and accounting for inventory, employee records, patient/user records and sales information is crucial. For example, in Colorado and Oregon, it is required to submit state reports which are mandated for all licensee’s. Marijuana POS and seed-to-sale software is a path towards salvaging a solution to staying organized and keeping records for state compliance. Many may we aware of companies such as MJFreeway, BioTrackTHC and Agrisoft who recently announced their partnership with Microsoft.

Top competitors in the marijuana industry are competing for market share, debugging problems for state officials and developing platforms to track all marijuana cultivation and sales from “seed-to-sale”. However, there appear to be some interesting competitors entering the space who seem to have a curve on the competition. A new company known as WebJoint has been in development since 2014 and now catching a wave of attention in the California market as well as many other states such as Michigan, Oregon, and a few others. They are an all in one cannabis software with a website management aspect that allows dispensaries to have all the required software for compliance but tie it into a white-labeled website for patient/user registration, online ordering and/or request for pickups/delivery. WebJoint is beginning to get its name as the “WordPress of Weed” and it’s because they have a fully inclusive CRM that manages inventory, patients, automatic verification, loyalty program, referral program, and many other plugins that tie into the dispensaries own white label front end for user interaction.

WebJoint is also gaining a wide-array of attention from freelance web designers and marketing companies looking to build their own custom themes into the WebJoint platform. WebJoint allows others to create themes that can then be resold to current clients on the WebJoint platform. Christopher Dell’Olio CEO of WebJoint stated “There are very talented designers and developers looking to provide their clients with websites powered with all these powerful cannabis related features. As the industry grows it is becoming harder, but now we can allow any freelancer to offer WebJoint as an option to their clients and design their client’s solution into our software using our providing instructions and documentation.”


With over 200 websites created on WebJoint since it’s launch, they seem to be catching some attention in the industry. This could very easily be the platform that many marketing companies can use as a backbone for branded websites they create, freelancers have the ability to create themes for a market of clients in the cannabis industry and the continues announcements and growth from WebJoint should be exciting seeing what they were already capable of doing in the near future.

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