Cannabis Cocktails by Modern Martini Rx

The perfectly blended premium-quality single-serve Cannabis Cocktails.

Modern Martini Rx is the first to introduce this innovative cocktail in the Cannabis market.  MMRX is revolutionizing today’s martini cocktail, California Cannabis Club has brought to you a one of a kind infused cannabis martini.


MMRX does not contain alcohol, however, it does contain 100-150mg of the finest Sativa Cannabis and it’s sugar-free.

*All products are LAB Tested for quality control.

*Does Not Contain Alcohol

These martinis are delicious yet potent.  These high quality, convenient and environmentally friendly MMRX Martini products comes in a sleek and sexy patent design package with a special cap to measure the dose.  Each bottle is inspected for quality and security for maximum protection of all of our patients.


The California Cannabis Club, Inc. presents the Modern Martini Rx Cannabis infused Martini for its patients.  We take the finest premium Cannabis Oil and mixes it into today’s most popular martini varieties, and bottles it in a single-serve designer container.

These fun (but potent) RTDs will revolutionize the booming Cannabis market, not only because they are convenient, of the highest quality, and environmentally friendly . . . but because they are just yummier than anything else out there. We tested hundreds of recipes to create these select Cannabis drinks with the greatest appeal to martini drinkers everywhere: They are sure to help you with your medical needs and they taste great!



100-150 MG of Sativa Cannabis

Absinthe Pear 100mg Green, Take the flavor of a crisp, sweet pear, add a splash of premium Cannabis, and you have the ideal drink to take to the beach or on a picnic.

Canna Cosmo 100mg Pink, The urban sophisticate’s cocktail of choice blends sweet-tart cranberry juice into an aromatic delight.

Ganja Grape 100mg A delicious mix of the best tasting grape flavor that comes together in cannabis mixed fusion that refreshes at any time of day.

High on the Beach100mg  Red, This fruity punch combines peach schnapps, orange juice, and other carefully selected fruits to create a truly sensuous experience.

G6 Punch Berry 150mg Blue, With this blue exotic look along with the finest lemon, cranberry and pineapple flavors to quench anyone’s thirst or pleasure.

Whipped Strawberry Crème 100mg Pink, A delicious surprise of natural strawberry’s and crème flavoring mix to give you that comforting taste that martini drinkers love to drink.

Deluxious Chocolate100mg Brown and gold, Organic chocolate flavoring to give you the best chocolate taste to sooth one’s taste and desire for chocolate.

Our Cannabis martinis are complete and ready to drink. All that’s necessary is to “Chill” then pour its gleaming contents over the rocks or into a chilled martini glass for an instant treat. All varieties are available in 4 & 12-packs or in a 24 case pack.


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