Cannabis Clones – Why They Make The Best Option For Discerning Growers

Growing your cannabis is an exciting prospect because you have access to pure weed right in your backyard. It comes as no surprise that a growing number of cannabis enthusiasts in the US are investing time and efforts in cultivation. You have the option to grow with seeds or clones, which are cuttings from mature plants. But even the most seasoned cultivators are likely to face the seed versus clone struggle. While beginners may prefer to work with seeds, clones definitely have an edge. Here are some reasons they make a preferred choice for discerning American growers.

You don’t need to worry about the gender

Cultivators prefer female plants because make plants can pollinate the females, which is the last thing you will want to happen. When you use clones, you don’t have to worry about gender because cuttings from a female plant are guaranteed to be female. You may get the same from feminized seeds, but they tend to be more expensive and can increase the cost of your crop.

You get a head start

If you want a head start with your crop, clones are the best option. Cannabis cuttings assure faster results than seeds as they let you bypass the germination stage and get the plant directly. Seeds may take anywhere between 24 hours to 7 days to show the first signs of germination. It means you can save a week by using clones rather than seeds. Moreover, you cover the risk of seeds not germinating at all, which is always a possibility.

You get what you want

When you use clones for growing, you can rest assured that you get what you want. It is easy to procure them through legal dispensaries. For example, you can easily find clones for sale san diego if you live in the San Diego area. The best part is that plants grown from clones are an exact match to their parents. Selecting a healthy mature plant means you can sideline genetic defects in your crop.  Although you can use high-quality seeds, there is always a risk of variations when they germinate.

You can save dollars

Discerning growers prefer cuttings because they can drive down costs. You will end up saving a lot because it is possible to keep a mother plant and grow and re-grow with cuttings from it. A strong and healthy mother plant can potentially yield countless cuttings. Conversely, you will have to buy a new lot of seeds every time you plan to cultivate a new crop of cannabis, making them an expensive alternative.

You get multiple harvests

Cannabis cuttings allow for multiple harvests, making them a favorite for seasoned cultivators who want to achieve more with less. Since you sideline the germination and seedling stage, you end up producing more harvests per year. Indoor growers can easily grow all year round, with a constant cycle of mothers and offspring. It means you will never run out of supplies.

Growing with clones takes the guesswork out of cultivation as you have a fair idea of what you will get at the end of the season. You get only better quality of plant as you know your cannabis and its family well enough.

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