Glo Extracts has been extremely innovative when it comes to verification and safety in the cannabis industry.

Here is what Glo Extracts is doing to protect its customers.

Glo Product Review

Next Level Verification

Glo Extracts has been leading the way in the cannabis industry when it comes to the verification if its cartridges.  There are a number of tests that Glo Extracts cartridges have to pass when being verified.  Even the packaging is super dense and secure and that is a good indicator that you are getting the proper product.  And then, of course, scanning the QR Code is what will show you the lab results and you will be able to see all the details.

The Glotrack

The Glotrack from the Glo Extracts verification method is what makes Glo Extracts so valuable to the cannabis industry.  When you scan the QR code, you will be redirected to the lab results page for your cartridge on the Glo Extracts website.  Glo Extracts has lab results for every single cartridge on their website and has an abundance of information about their products.  It is important to give transparency to the customer like Glo Extracts has and provide them with all of the same information that you have.  

Mood Boards

Another thing that Glo Extracts is well known for is having mood boards for all of their cartridges.  The mood boards are shown on the Glo Extracts website and show you the effects that the product is going to have on you.  The best thing about the mood boards is that it allows you to have first-hand knowledge of how the product will make you feel before you decide to purchase it.      

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