Best Marijuana Strains Of 2017

What are the best marijuana strains of 2017?

Cannabis enthusiasts will no doubt want to know the latest and the greatest marijuana strains available to them.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled an updated list of the top marijuana strains. Here they are in no particular order brought to us by one of the best medical marijuana dispensaries.

Blueberry Widow

One of the best marijuana strains to come out this year. The Blueberry Widow has a distinctively sweet smell, coupled with a contrasting sour citrus scent that surprisingly complements the whole package. One whiff of this strain will have you thinking “fresh blueberries”.

The one-two combo of sweet and sour hits the spot just right while extending a gentle blueberry taste. Lean back and relax as you’ll enjoy a high like never before. A smile starts to creep up and all the stresses will just melt away. The Blueberry Widow is also one of the most recommended strains for pain relief. Moreover, you’ll feel very sleepy and will want to take this marijuana in your bed or cuddled up on the couch.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is an easy strain to grow while giving the user a pleasant experience overall. This Indica strain may be grown either outdoors or indoors. Easily identified by its deep purple leaf colors, the Purple Kush has a whopping THC percentage of more than 25 percent. You will want to settle in before smoking this, as it has a strong flavor that will hit you where it counts.

This 2017 marijuana strain provides a full-on buzz along with a host of benefits such as long-lasting euphoria and full-body sedative effects. The Purple Kush has proven itself worthy to be considered a medical marijuana because it can alleviate the effects of pain very well. Individuals who are suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and physical tics can take this strain and be temporarily cured. You’ll be feeling euphoric, relaxed, stress-free and hungry with the Purple Kush.

GMO Cookies

This marijuana strain has a deep and historic lineage. GMO Cookies come from the combining of Girl Scout Cookies and the renowned Chemdawg. One look at the generous coating of trichome crystals and you know that the hit will be intense. The aroma is excellent for petrol heads and those who love the smell of diesel when they’re pumping up at the gas station.

GMO Cookies is predominantly Indica, which means you get a psychoactive punch like never before. You’ll also have an amazing mellowing experience set in a truly cerebral high.


Mazar easily treats those who are experiencing sleepless nights and serious insomnia. The high lasts long and has a strong consistency all throughout. It will make you feel relaxed and a bit sleepy. Once you wake up you’ll want to eat a lot, so be prepared!

Mazar has a downright earthy, fruity flavor. The remarkable combination of sour, spice and fruit will leave a mark on your taste buds. Experts recommend taking Mazar a little at a time because it’s so potent. Growers will want to take the Mazar plant inside for better marijuana yields.


Zkittlez has taken the marijuana world by storm since 2 years ago and still continues to be one of the best marijuana strains of 2017. You can be sure that this award-winning strain is on your favorite dispensary’s shelves. You’ll remember the Zkittlez primarily by how it smells. If you’ve ever had the chance to snack on rainbow Skittles, then you’d be delighted to know that this strain copies the exact same nostalgic scent that you know and love.

This strain is a hybrid of the Grapefruit and Grape God. It has 23 percent THC, and taking it will make you feel euphoric, jolly and relaxed. Most of the effects will come from the fruity terpenes that also gives the delicious scent.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies, or more commonly known as GSC is a popular marijuana strain in 2017. The reason? One hit will relax you from head to toe while giving you the high to make you euphoric and tickle your creative mind. In the medical field, GSC is one of the best in relieving pain, nausea, depression and everyday stress.

The taste is sweet and a bit spicy like a cinnamon flavor. The aroma is that of freshly-baked cookies. What’s more, it will leave a slight chocolatey taste to go with the high.

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