Marijuana also is known as pot, weed, grass or ganja finds its origin in the dried flowering tops, leaves, stems, and seeds of the Cannabis Sativa (hemp) plant. Being much in vogue among the masses due to its mood-altering effects, marijuana contains THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) as the key psychoactive substance. THCs comprises of mild-to-moderate pain-killing (analgesic) effects which alter the neurotransmitter release in the spinal cord, resulting in pain relief.

The compound is also known to stimulate appetite and induce a relaxed state, as well as other effects on sense of smell, hearing, and eyesight. THC can also cause fatigue and also reduce aggression. Medical marijuana finds wide application in the treatment of chronic pain, muscle spasticity, anorexia, nausea, and sleep disturbance.

Marijuana is also known for its ease of growing. It can be cultivated inside the house as well which accounts for its high usage among the masses. Success or failure of your harvest depends on how well you build your grow room. Thus the successful building of grow room is the stepping stone towards one becoming a professional indoor grower.

The following suggestions, if kept in mind, while growing marijuana inside your grow house will help you reap a good harvest and ensure you good times:

  1. Firstly decide on how much marijuana you want to grow. Space, sunlight, ventilation required for the same will be commensurate with the size of your grow.
  2. The location of grow room is of utmost importance. It should be discreet and certainly not catchable by eye in one go. An unused room, special wall unit or even cupboard will fix this problem. Rooms having large windows should also be avoided because they pave the way for far too much sunlight which can ruin your harvest.
  3. Marijuana requires being watered regularly. An easy way to save you from the trouble of watering it daily is to connect a pipe from the nearest faucet and run it into the grow room.
  4. Ventilation is another prime factor for the proper growth of this plant. Windows, air ducts or even chimney could be used to ventilate the room but the air flow must be good.
  5. The growing space must be clean to ensure that they don’t turn out to be dwelling space for bugs besides your marijuana. Either use a tiled floor or cover the floor with a thick plastic layer.

Once these prerequisites are met, the prime focus now shifts to single out from the plethora of ways to set up your growing room:

  1. Cupboard: If there is a dearth of sufficient space for growing marijuana, opting for a cupboard is the single best solution. It will produce enough cannabis to meet the medical needs of a single patient. Also, it can be easily covered up. It is advised only to use the best LED grow light which provides the adequate intensity of light requirement.
  2. A wall cabinet: Just like the cupboard, the wall cabinet also provides you with the option of growing your favorite weed in a well-concealed space. The only lacunae in this well formulated for some extra space to move and work in the grow cabinet.
  3. Grow Tent: They are black on the outside and totally light-proof, lined with a reflective material on the inside to utilize light more efficiently. Grow tents allow you to completely customize the environment your marijuana plants live in, including temperature, light intensity, humidity, and location.

As is true for all plants, growing marijuana requires a fair bit of care and attention. The use of proper lighting like the LED lights, covering the growing area with light reflecting materials, contribute to the healthy growth of your marijuana.

Light plays an important role so don’t forget to use a decent indoor growing light. Mostly, growers prefer to use multiple pairs of 300W grow lights when growing are is more than 200sq yard.

Once these issues are resolved, the result of your toil and labor, your own marijuana, will fill you up with a savouring ecstasy.

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