Atmos Raw and Atmos R2 Vape Pens Reviewed

Atmos RX manufactures a wide range of vaporizer pen products that are all relatively affordable in price. One of the first Atmos vape models to hit the market was the Atmos Raw, which has since been renamed the AtmosRX or Atmos RX. After the initial release of the Atmos Raw vaporizer, the brand introduced a second Atmos pen called the Atmos R2. This will be a review of both Atmos Raw and Atmos R2, as both pens have some similar features.


To start with, a brief Atmos RAW review, the RAW or Atmos RX is strictly a dry herb vaporizer pen. Although the Atmos pen is compact in size and simple to use, it does have an issue with its design. The dry herb vaporizer has a tendency to heat up herbs past the point of vaporization to the point that they combust. This is due to the way that the herbs are placed in the heating chamber. Atmos did try to correct this problem by adding a screen to later versions of the AtmosRX, but combustion is still a risk with the vape. As a result, this pen is a good choice for someone who wants a more inexpensive dry herb vaporizer and normally only vapes for short periods of time.

The Atmos Raw vape pen was designed to be used as both a dry herb and wax pen; however, because it poses the same risk for combustion as the Atmos Raw did, it’s best to use this vape strictly as a wax vaporizer pen. To purchase one today, see VaporPlants.

When you compare this vape pen to other wax pens, the Atmos R2 does have some distinct benefits. The anodized heating chamber inside of the vape pen has a wick-less design, which allows for very steady vapor production and ensures efficiency. Vapor quality is good to very good in terms of taste, smoothness, and quantity when the pen is used for wax.

The Atmos R2 does have some shortcomings, though. For one thing, it’s a lot bigger than many other wax pens. This seems to be because the advanced wick-less atomizer is so deep that it was necessary to increase its size compared to the one featured in the AtmosRX. Another thing that is odd about the R2 Atmos vape pen is that the light on the vaporizer pen is very bright. If you’re using this in public, people will notice it. For those who aren’t concerned with discretion, this may not be a problem, but for other people, the intensity of the light could be problematic.

All in all, the Atmos Raw pen is a good vaporizer pen for the money, but it won’t be the best choice for everyone. Personally, I’d recommend this vape as a handheld wax pen to be used at home due to its size and the brightness of its light. When used in this way, the Atmos pen will provide satisfying vaping sessions without requiring a huge monetary investment like some other wax vaporizer pens. To read more about vaporizers, see wiki, and for reference on to concentrated wax, see

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