Are Silicone Bongs And Pipes Good To Smoke?

Since the invention of the bong, nearly all of these items have been created using glass which is one of the best materials from which to smoke.  However, as is well known, glass can shatter regardless of how thick or expensive the bong was.  All smokers know the heartache of watching a beloved bong fall and break into thousands of pieces.  Recently, there has been an explosion of bongs and dab rigs made using silicone on the market to attempt to combat this issue with glass equipment.  For many people, the silicone pipe is a lifesaver; however, for others, they will not stop using the glass bong.

Silicone bongs definitely have benefits and drawbacks, but if you are a person that is always breaking things then it is ideal for you!  The silicone bong is unbreakable and perfect for smoking when traveling or on the go as they can be folded and stored without any risk of damage.  This bong is also dishwasher safe making it easy to clean.  The article below will provide information on why silicone bongs are the best options for specific types of smokers.


What Is Silicone?

Before we begin to discuss all you need and want to know about silicone dab rigs and bongs, it is recommended that you know what silicone is as a material and where it originates.  Silicone is a man-made or synthetic polymer created using oxygen and silicon.  It has increased in popularity since the discovery of plastic toxicity in certain applications, such as food-related and cooking products.  Food-grade silicone is a stable element, chemically inert and will not emit gas or leach toxin into food products when heated.  This makes it one of the most popular alternatives for containers and kitchen utensils.  The material is also virtually indestructible with an ability to be molded into almost any design or color.


Is It Safe To Smoke Using Silicone?

Yes, it is safe to use silicone when smoking; however, it is only safe to do so if the silicone used is purchased from reputable stores such as Toker Supply.  There are numerous companies peddling low-grade silicone products for low prices, but you must remember that you will receive what you pay for.  Silicone presents with a high melting point and can withstand extreme temperatures without deformation, emitting harmful gasses or melting.  In fact, silicone can retain shape at approximately 600 degrees Fahrenheit – twice the temperature of boiling hot water.


While silicone is durable, it is not advised that you place the material in direct contact with a torch or flame.  By doing this, you could damage the silicone item.  This is why it is vital that you light the bowl you are smoking out of and dab from the silicone dab rig using a glass dropdown.  The dabbing will remove any nail further away from the rig; thereby, preventing any accidental heating damage to the silicone instrument.  The same is to be considered when using a glass dab rig, but it is more important to note when utilizing silicone.


Why Silicone Is The Best When Storing Oils And Waxes


If you are a fan of dabbing, you will understand how important it is to not waste any wax.  You will also appreciate the mess wax can cause, and this is why silicone’s non-stick surface is ideal for storing the wax concentrates.  Regardless of how sticky the oil or wax concentrate is, it will not become stuck to the silicone; thereby, making it simpler to scoop using a dab tool.  It also ensures you do not waste material becoming stuck to the inner area of a plastic jar or glass.  Dab containers are available in a plethora of silicone sizes – they come in all styles and shapes, but they all perform the same function.


Using Silicone Dab Rigs, Bongs, And Pipes

Recently there has been an increase in the number of silicone smoking products on the market.  Ranging from silicone dab rigs and nectar collectors to silicone the hand pipes and bongs you can see here on Mile High Glass Pipes –  one feature they have in common is that they do not break like glass bongs.  Our silicone bongs are created utilizing the thickest and highest-quality silicone available.  They are simple to clean, sturdy, portable and unbreakable.  The majority of people believe silicone bongs will “suck in” when you attempt to smoke providing you with a poor hit, but this is not true.  The majority of silicone bongs do not move during inhalation due to their size and sturdiness.  All of our silicone dab rigs and bongs are created utilizing good grade silicone with standing extreme temperatures; thereby, allowing them to be cleaned using the dishwasher when required.

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