Affiliate Programs in the Cannabis Market

One way to maximize the increasing ease of regulations on the sale of cannabis is through affiliate marketing. The process involves promoting specific products to customers. When a person buys from the affiliate link, you can receive commissions of 5% to 20% depending on the rate set by the company. The following are examples of weed affiliate programs that you can promote and earn income.

Cannabis Training University

One of the known weed affiliate programs is from Cannabis Training University. The company uses a tier-approach in promoting its products. Specifically, the company provides higher commissions for people who generate higher sales. For example, the initial three sales will give you 30% of sales while sales above eight can provide 50%.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is another company that distributes medicinal cannabis. Affiliates interested in joining the company can take advantage of its diverse inventory that includes seeds, grinders, accessories, collectibles, and t-shirts. Also, the rate for commissions is 20%. However, the $200 high minimum requirement for payout makes it difficult for beginners to handle.

High Supplies

The Netherlands based company High Supplies offer affiliates the opportunity to earn 15% commission. They offer different products that are part of its inventory and reward people 15% for generating sales.

My Weed Seeds

My Weed Seeds is a company that uses multi-level marketing system (MLM) to support its affiliates. The current rate for generating sales is 20%. The business also offers incentives for marketers who continue to recruit new referrals as their downline. Specifically, you get a certain percentage of sales from people below your tier.


Another company that provides affiliate commissions is VaporNation. Its focus is on vaporizer equipment, glassware, and other supplies. When you promote the business, you can get 15% from referrals. It has a huge selection of items to choose from. The company also offers incentives to affiliates by offering $10 when they sign up.

Choosing the Right Provider

The list above are some examples of companies that offer affiliate commissions for medical marijuana. In choosing the right provider, it is important to become familiar with terms and conditions. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask and clarify several points.

It is also essential to consider that weed affiliate programs require effort for you to tap into your target market. That is why it is significant to familiarize with your target demographic. Moreover, it is beneficial to understand your product, usage, and terminologies. Find people who show interest in medicinal marijuana and help in whatever way you can.

The use of affiliate marketing is an essential tool for promoting medical marijuana. Businesses who distribute products and related paraphernalia offer incentives to affiliates to market their products. When you choose a company to partner with, try to look beyond the percentage for generating sales. Other aspects you need to examine in an affiliate program are inventory, product availability, and payout. Matching these features with effective marketing can make promoting cannabis a lucrative and profitable endeavor.
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