A Noob’s Guide to Marijuana Concentrates Exploration

If you’re diving into the world of cannabis, chances are great you’ll find it confusing. Well, you aren’t the only one because it has its products, jargons, and other wonderful things. You’ll be surprised to know that there are a gazillion ways for you to experience this magical plant. Between flowers, concentrates, and edibles- it can sometimes be confusing to know where to start.

Recent years have seen an upsurge in the popularity of cannabis concentrates for all the people who use cannabis for both medical use and recreational one. Now that you fail to understand the differences between dabs, kiefs, and extracts, or wonder what a crumble or shatter is, this ultimate cannabis concentrate handbook is sure to solve all your doubts.

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis Concentrates are processed versions of the cannabis plants, which use only some components for making the result. The concentrates are a blend of terpenes and cannabinoids. It is prepared after removing the plant materials like leaves, stems, and other unwanted materials. You can shop the marijuana concentrates online– the ones that undergo greater processing and have higher potent hits. It also becomes vital to know that the concentrates impose instant effects as compared to the flower counterparts.

And, that’s the reason for the popularity of cannabis concentrates among the masses. You have diverse options for consuming cannabis- you can turn it into edibles, smoke it, or use a cannabis concentrate.

What are the different types of Cannabis Concentrates?

Concentrates differ based on their preparation but generally fall under two main categories- the concentrates, which are extracted using a solvent, and those made without a solvent. Each concentrate is known to have differing amounts of terpenes, textures, shapes, and cannabinoids, depending upon their extraction method.

  • Shatter:

Shatter is a concentrate type with a hard, glass-like texture with a tinch of golden shade. Many people believe that a transparent shatter isn’t pure but it becomes vital to know that it is not the case. These are divided into two types- pull-and-sap and sap. You can see if it’s sap when it has fluid flexibility and is soft. If it’s stretchy like toffee, you’ll know it is pull-and-sap.

  • Budder:

The budder is a little less potent than shatter. These concentrates have a dough-like, soft, and buttery texture, making them easy to spread out. The budder’s color ranges from bright orange to light yellow color and finds its use in bongs, joints, or simply a dab.

  • Crumble:

Crumble is budder’s brittle version, and the name itself talks about the consistency. These concentrates have a plain yellow shade and are different from glossy yellow. The experts suggest storing these in a dry, cool, airtight container since these can easily lose their moisture.

  • Sauce:

The sauce is a wet and sticky version of cannabis sugar concentrate. The viscosity of sauce is high when used with a crystalline structure. This concentrate may have bright mustard or deep amber color.

Explore Concentrates and Select the Best on your Own

Cannabis concentrates are excellent choices for making you high. Whether you choose to shatter, CO2, oil, or any other concentrate, you won’t be disappointed with its effects. However, before selecting a concentrate, ensure using a budtenders’ help for the right direction. And, if you like a concentrate, give all the other concentrate types a try and share your favorite one!

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