6 Options You Must Try To Smoke Weed This Season

There are more than 200 million people across the world who smoke, still, there is huge data for people who do not report their smoking. But, one question that strikes in most minds, which is the best way to smoke? The straight answer to it is, the choice of the smoking option varies from individual to individual. Some people like a pipe, whereas others choose bongs as a convenient way of smoking.

So, if you are a beginner or looking to change your smoking style, you must know and try these 5 amazing ways to smoke weed. But, before that you should know how to choose buds;

Important Thing You Need To Know While Buying Weed

Buying the right weed is an important part to get a quality smoking experience. Therefore, always choose a trusted online vendor that offers a huge variety of your favorite weed. You take assistance from existing users or consider online customer reviews for better purchases. If you are worried about budget, some sellers offer budget buds at a reasonable price. When you check their promo page you will see amazing deals. Just grab the best deal for your favorite weed.

Here We Have 5 Ways You Should Try To Smoke Weed

  1. The One-Hitter: As the name defines one-hitter is a single user device to experience smoking. There is a small tube on one end and on another end, there is a bowl for cannabis. It is easy to carry and use the device one-time usage. But if you plan to share it with others, it’s not an ideal choice. You need to look for other durable options.
  • The Pipe: It works similar to the one-hitter device, but has a large bowl for filling buds. If you are fond of stylish devices, pipes come in wood, ceramic, metal, or glass pipe. So, you can choose what fits your style. But, there is an issue with bongs that they do not offer a big hit, if you are planning to share it, be careful.
  • The Bong: Bongs are one of the favorite devices for the smoking community. There is a different space such as a bowl, ash catcher, water reservoir, mouthpiece, and joint to hold the stem to improve your experience. If you want to share it with friends, you can enjoy the smoking session. One thing that people feel is daunting is it requires regular cleaning.
  • The Bubbler: Bubblers are also called the smallest version of bongs. Because it has all the features of a bong with a difference these parts are not detachable. Therefore, clearing bubbler parts is a little daunting process for many. Still, you can try to get an amazing experience.
  • The Dab Rig: Bongs and Dab Rigs somewhat seem similar as they have almost similar features and appearance. But compared to bongs, dabs have a body, nail, and dab tools. To use a dab rig, you need to heat nails with a torch, not with a lighter. Once it reaches an optimal temperature, you can use it. Dabs have high potency, therefore not recommended to beginners or light smokers.

Hope the above information helps you to experience smoking with the right choice of buds and smoking option. Choose the one that fits your budget and that helps you to gain the best experience.

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