5 Tips in Choosing a Bong

Smoking has evolved over the years from the simple cigarette to today’s accessories and tobacco-related paraphernalia that help to diversify your experience as a smoker. One of the things you could add to your collection of repertoire is a bong. Bongs are available in varied colors, shapes, and sizes from which you can choose what could satisfy you most. Many new smokers find it challenging to choose the right bong, so if you are in this predicament here are some of the tips you might find useful when out to buy a bong.

1. What will the Bong be used for?

One of the most important things you should consider is the use you will put the bong into, and this should inform your decision. The environment in which you will use it matters and the frequency of use could also be a factor that will decide which type of bong can suit your needs most appropriately. If you will be traveling with it, it is necessary to choose a bong that can withstand the abuse as some glass bongs will break easily at the slightest mistake.

2. Material

When it comes to considering the material used to make the bong, you have a wide variety of options ranging from glass to plastic and ceramic. Your choice in this case can be influenced by a number of things including strength and durability. Ceramic bongs can be made in different amazing shapes, and most of them are small due to the heavy weight of the material. Glass bongs are also a good choice, but you need to be careful as these can break if not handled well.

3. Lung Capacity

You also need to consider the duration in which you are able to hold your breath. In this case, you need to get something that works for your needs as someone who can hold breath for a few seconds will not find a four-foot bong suitable. The bong should allow you to smoke seamlessly.

4. Extras

You need to know that the main purpose of a bong is to cool the smoke before it is channeled to your lungs. Some bongs will offer extras to make this work more precise. Some of the extras you can look out for include a diffuser, a percolator, and an ice catcher. They may appear like luxuries but when you have them you are able to enjoy a better smoking experience.

5. Brand

This may seem frivolous at first as a factor, but you will notice that some brands give a consistent quality that will make you choose them for all your future purchases. However, many of such companies offer high-end prices, so you might need to dig deeper into your pockets to get the bong you need. As a first timer you may not opt for this mainly due to the price, but if you can afford them it’s best to get one. You can get a good bong from shops that offer dabbing rigs and other smoking accessories.


There are few things you should consider when looking for a bong. One of the factors that will come in handy is the material used as well as the shape of the bong. You could also do well with choosing a good brand and perfect shape. The ideas above could help you make a good decision when out to buy a bong.

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