4 Simple Tips to Pick the Right Bong for You

There is an age-old saying that goes like: knowledge is power and the same holds true for you, especially if you are out there to purchase your first bong. It’s understood if you are going to be a bit picky about it. After all, when you count a piece to bring you years of pleasure you will want to put two thoughts into it, before buying one. This guide has been put together after careful consideration so that even a newbie smoker should be able to find his match-made-in-heaven bong without much trouble.

Well, before you pick a bong that is tailor-made to suit your needs, here are 4 factors that you might want to consider.

Is the best bong out there really the best thing for you? You know that this is not always the case, no matter who tells you what. How often are you going to bring it out? Is it going to stay at home or gear up for road trips alongside you? More importantly, how often do you have to conceal it? Just imagine yourself buying a 10 feet tall behemoth if you are going to be hiding it from the roommates you stay with. Well, there are ways to overcome this menace. You just first need to define what exactly you want, then you will know to look for just the right bong you need.

How often are you going to clean it? You may get yourself an absolutely aesthetic bong right here right now, but what if it requires intensive cleaning. Are you up for such a commitment? And let’s be honest here with ourselves please. Purchasing a dainty device may not be the best thing for you if you handle your belongings rough. But if you have the knowledge, expertise and patience, go ahead get yourself a multi-part, delicate smoking device that will enhance the experience by several folds.

You can upgrade over time– In the beginning, it might be a good idea to stay low and go for a durable, low cost bong that will make it worth your while. Just as your smoking preferences are expected to evolve with time, you can call for an upgrade anytime you want. By then, you will also be more capable at handling more complicated smoking devices.

Understanding variety when it comes to choice – From the fragile glass ones to the reasonable plastic ones or the aesthetic ceramic ones, you will never run out of choices, when it comes to bongs. You just need to know which piece will suit your usage and lifestyle more than others. Unless you are a seasoned pro, it’s always good to start out with a simple, plastic one (that will keep the cost under check) and then experiment with different things on the way.

Now that you have a fair idea as to how to go about your first bong ever, go ahead and get one for yourself already. Even as you grow your expertise and collection over time, the first one will always be a memorable one!

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