3 Best Ways to Heat Your Wax: Maintaining Efficiency

Smoking weed with your friends is going to be the funniest part of a portion of your life. Going through the process of a rookie to a pro can take some time but the process is the fun part. You start with smoking from an apple then go to a spoon pipe. You then learn to roll a joint or blunt which feels like a big accomplishment. Then you graduate onto a water bong. Eventually, you realize there are more potent forms of cannabis like wax concentrates.

Wax for those of you living under a rock is a concentrated form of marijuana. Depending on how it’s made it can be a pure way of taking in THC. However, it does not come in the flower form you are used too. It is a gooey or oily matter that is very sticky. There are fewer ways to smoke it and some of them really may be new to you.

A lighter is a very big part of smoking. Whether you smoke cigarettes, pipes, or just about anything else, a lighter will work. This is where concentrates differ in the smoking process. A lighter won’t work with any of the methods you will use to smoke wax unless you mix it with your herbs. A torch is going to be your new buddy.

3 Ways to Smoke Wax

To make sure you’re heating up wax correctly, you have to know the different ways you can use it.

Nectar Collector

A nectar collector is the newest way to smoke your waxes. Similar to using a rig, a nectar collector uses a titanium or quartz tip that dips into the wax. The hot tip vaporizes the wax instantly. On the other end of the collector is a mouthpiece in which you inhale from as it vaporizes your concentrates. A nectar collector is a much more portable than most other devices.

Some of them can even be filled up with water as they contain percolators.

To clean a dab straw, simply remove the mouthpiece and tip. Put them in isopropyl alcohol and let it soak. Take it out and place it in hot water. This will warm up the leftover concentrates causing them to break off and wash away.

Oil Rig

An oil rig or dab rig is one of the most common ways to smoke wax or dab. This is definitely the most intimidating way. If you have never seen how it’s done, you will be amazed to see a torch. The torch then heats up a dab nail and sometimes you will see it turn red hot. Then someone scoops up a bit of wax on a dabber, waits for the nail to cool down a bit and stirs the dabber in the nail or banger. You will see a mass plume of vapor shoot up through the shaft of the water pipe. The effects are definitely much stronger than smoking weed from a bong.

Cleaning your dab rig is just as important as knowing how to use it. Cleaning it easier than most other smoking accessories because you can just use a glass cleaner. A glass cleaner will easily take all the excess you don’t need right off.

Dab Pen

A dab pen is a vaporizer that is used specifically for concentrates. A vaporizer is an electronic device that is used to turn your wax into vapor through a small unit. Wax vape pens vary a lot from one another. Some have bigger batteries with more power while others come with different coils. The coils also vary from quartz to ceramic and even titanium. Some also come with silica which helps the wax absorb into it. The coil then heats it up from there.

Cleaning a vape pen for wax is very important. An electronic unit is going to cost a bit more so you want to make sure it’s taken care of. Cleaning a dab pen starts with making sure there is no clogging. Check the atomizer to see if there are any cloggings. You can also check by taking a hit. If there is any resistance, you want to clean the round atomizer and make sure there isn’t any wax leftover. Heat up the atomizer to heat up any leftover waxes.

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