10 Things You Need to Know About Gravity Bongs

A gravity bong can be a great addition to your smoking. Simply put, you use bottles to push pot smoke through a bottle submerged in water. This gives the smoker a much more concentrated hit than you’ll get with a joint or bowl. This means not only a better high, but less THC is wasted. A gravity bong is essential for taking your smoking to the next level. Here are ten things you need to know before checking out a gravity bong.

You can make your own basic gravity bong can be made from plastic bottles. All you need is a bottle, a larger bottle or bucket, and something to use as a filter. The cost is next to nothing, it can be made from fully repurposed trash.

You could choke.

This method produced a lot of smoke. Though most people recommend inhaling as much as possible, be careful, especially your first time. The amount of smoke is easily enough to fill up your lungs and make you start coughing and choking.

Concentrated dose.

A gravity bong gives you much more concentrated dose. Start by only inhaling a little of the smoke and adjust based on effect. Don’t inhale too much, too quickly, the effect could be more than you intended.

Dilute with ice.

If you’re finding the smoke too intense, add some ice to the water. This will slow down the effects giving you a less concentrated smoke. You can enjoy your gravity bong, but with a less drastic high.

Smoother in glass.

Most bongs, especially the homemade, are made of plastic. This can release a small number of additives into the smoke. Using a glass bong gives toy much cleaner, smoother smoke.

Avoid tinfoil.

Some smokers recommend using tin foil as a filter in your gravity bong. This is a practice best avoided. When heated the foil will release oxidized aluminum. You really don’t want to inhale that.

Try using oil.

Using hash oil instead of pot can make your smoke even more intense. The concentrated oil enjoys the concentration of the bong. You end up with an exponentially greater effect.

Try inverting.

Re-submerging your gravity bong can be a lot of trouble and mess. That’s why invertible gravity bongs are great; they make everything simpler. An invertible is totally enclosed, so when you’re done, you can simply turn it the other way. Then you’re ready to start again.

Available at most smoke shops A gravity bong isn’t illegal. What you do with it may not be; that’s your business. But the actual unit is something you can pick up at most smoke paraphernalia shops.

They need to be sanitized for sharing The proper, and most popular way, to use a gravity bong involves putting your mouth over the opening. Be sure and clean the opening thoroughly after use. It’s good sanitation and just plain good manners.

Using a gravity bong can help you get the most out of your smoke time. It provides a better experience and is also economical. The bong is easy to use and easy to obtain. It’s something you’ve got to try out if you enjoy a good chill-out pot session.

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